Is telepathy real

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  1. Every time I'm asleep & someone texts/calls me, I will dream of that person while they are doing so.

    So this brings up the question.
    Can the human brain put out a frequency that can be picked up by other brains?

    Yes. It can pass through anything because It basically is the same frequency type that a radio transmitter puts out. The frequency that you're transmitting from your brain is smaller, but, it has a unique characteristic, unlike radio frequencies.

    Which is that the frequency that your brain transmits can instantaneously travel faster than the speed of light and if transmitted can be picked up the exact same moment by another human brain on the opposite side of the planet. So your brain is a receiver and a transmitter of frequency.

    Law of attraction says, whatever frequency you emit, that exact same frequency is drawn to you, there will be a magnetic pull. And this is a scriptural principle. For those of you who are Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists. All these books teach very similar Concepts. What you sow, also you reap, karma and etc.

    When you put out a frequency the Law of attraction says it must come back. Law of Attraction says by magnetic pull that has to bring that exact same frequency back. Which is based on whatever vibration you put out Whatever frequency that your brain, emotions, body and electromagnetic field puts out. It will attract and it will defy any physical law.

    Self-induced goosebumps, from positive stimuli, allows you to take 100% control of your transmitter by vibrating different parts of your body especially your head. This is felt as a gentle euphoric vibrating wave traveling underneath your skin (sometimes cold and other times hot).

    When doing this, you consciously activate your physical and spiritual body to attract whatever intention, narrative, thought and emotions that are present when consciously summoning your self-induced goosebumps.

    Goosebumps is just the physical reaction, but underneath it, there's a real vibrating wave that can be looked at as the Energy from your spirit.

    THIS has been researched and documented under many different names like Euphoria, Tension, Ecstasy, Qi, Chi, Prana, Vayus, Aura, Tummo, Orgone, Kriyas, Mana, Bio-electricity, Life force, Pitī, Frisson, The Secret Fire, Voluntary Piloerection, Rapture, Ruah, Ether, Nephesch, Chills, ASMR, Nen, Spiritual Energy, The Force, Spiritual Chills and many more.

    Here's a If you would like to know how to fully control your Spiritual Chills, be able to activate it on-demand and how its an important ingredient to the law of attraction.
  2. ESP or telepathy are very real to those in tune to their own mind I can wake up in the middle of the night and know exactly what time it is before looking and or think of a person and my phone rings just stuff like that has always been normal to me I also see faces in clouds and other weird shit
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  3. It's not impossible..

    Law enforcement have been known to use those types to locate dead bodies with surprising accuracy.
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  5. My wife and I had dated for 9 months and got married.
    We had lived together for 6 months before we married.
    Because I got home from work I ALWAYS cooked dinner. There was never a time I didnt cook......... not once.
    Two weeks after we got Married one night after work.
    Out of the blue I got sick, curled up in ball on the floor sick.
    It was the same time she was getting off work.
    We had a ranch about 30 minutes out of town.
    When she was 40 minutes late I had to go look for her. It was everything I could do was get up off the living room floor.
    We lived in the desert as I rounded the corner of the house I could see far off a bunch police lights..

    The rest is hard for me to talk about, but she died, She hit a range cow and having super high blood pressure she had a heart attack,

    That's it ...
  6. I believe these abilities exist to do exactly those type of service to humanity.
  7. me too, so great right?
  8. Telepathy is more like two people tuning into the same radio station and hearing the same song and thinking the same thoughts at the same time. In a nutshell.

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