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Is "Taxed" Bud BS?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qgueva, May 6, 2011.

  1. OK so I ran out of bud and as usual I hit up my dealer, but he said he was taking a break from the hassles of dealing for a while. As any self-respecting stoner would do I hit up my friends to find a new dealer or at least a one time connect.

    So I find a dealer through a friend that seems straight enough, I had previously seen his product (through said friend), but had yet to test it. Now I was going through my usual proceedings of setting a base price for a designated amount (I don't haggle weed prices). Then the MF says his shit is "taxed" so I would get a bit less than I paid for.

    Lets get one thing straight, selling bud for most people is a business, that being said the dealer is nothing more than a salesman. What do salespeople usually do? I'll tell you, they feed you bullshit so you buy from them and not someone else. They will make their product seem better than it is or glamorize it for sales purposes. This is done constantly with bud and I see my own friends fall for the BS that's feed to them by their dealers.

    For example:
    Calling their bud after famous strains.
    ex: "Bro my dealer says he's got some Purple Haze, shit man I can't wait for some" Now I'm not saying this dealer has bad weed, in fact it's probably really good, but chances are he does not have that specific strain. My opinion is that only MJ dispensaries can claim to constantly get the same strain.

    If you fail to understand just imagine this, what would you rather get an iPod or some other mp3? chances are you will want the iPod since its more recognized, you've heard of it, and it's really good. But that doesn't mean the other mp3's are bad, in fact they probably work the same, if they labeled it an iPod you would probably buy it. (this is what BS-feeding dealers try to do)

    Now I come to the reason I actually wrote this thread and went through all the trouble of laying a back story. So as I said before, this dealer says his shit is "taxed." Now I think he either mistook me for a dumbass or he (or some MJ smuggling network, who knows) somehow got medical MJ all the way to South Florida (my location by thew way).

    What sounds more probable to you? Weed is plentiful here and I don't see why anyone would go to the trouble of going out of state to buy TAXED MJ from a dispensary. And not only that but then traveling from [insert Med-Pro State here] all the way to SOUTH Florida? That's 4 hours of driving in Florida alone!

    Please correct me if I'm somehow wrong, but I think this dealer was just trying to get away with selling me less weed for my money. And at the same time making it sound superior to other weed by claiming that since it's medical it is of superior quality.

    To conclude, bought from another dealer and told that MF to go fuck himself.

    Thanks for any feedback.
  2. It sounds like he's total BS, if I were you, I would give said friend some advice and at least tell him to find a different dealer, if not point him to another one.
  3. My guy only has ever said "taxed" if he delivers.
  4. What the fuck? You will get a little less than you pay for? So if you buy an eighter you will get 3 grams, why the fuck not just charge extra instead of pinching bags? I would buy elsewhere
  5. It sounds like he was putting his own tax on the bud. I mean in the end you don't have to buy from him and he sounds like kind of a tool anyways (IMO). I'd just hit up some buddies to find someone else if you want your money's worth.
  6. Yep, he's shorting you under some bullshit 'tax' - so he can advertise an 8th but deliver less, and keep the pricing the same. It's all marketing, like those shitty car insurance companies that offer you '2 months free' but charge more than a normal company lays down for a full year policy.
  7. Every time I heard "taxed" back in the day it just meant more expensive as a result of extra effort, different connect than usual, middle men, etc etc etc.


    1: Yo, did you cop that zipper of nuggetbombs?
    2: Yeah, but your slicer is gonna be an extra 5 NiNjAbAtHrObEs. The dude had to go through someone else, so it was taxed.
    1: Bananabread.
  8. He put a douche bag tax on it.

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