Is sun bleaching a big deal?

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  1. I have been growing 2 plants SCROG style, they are about 4 weeks into flowering and the fan leaves in the center of the screen are yellowing. I assume it is sun bleaching, they are relatively close to the glass of my reflector but not burning. I can't really raise my light up any more and there is really no way to rotate my plants out of the center as they are all entwined in the screen.

    Is it a big deal or could I leave it? the bud sites within the yellowing fan leaves seem to be ok, but its just the fan leaves. I have no signs of yellowing or any other deficiencies any where else on the plants. At first I was thinking a deficiency but I don't think it is. Any ideas?
  2. I would say sun bleaching is a bad thing. My experience with it has ranged from the yellowing tips to the leaves actually losing pigment and turning white.

    I'd recommend raising the light up a tad. Anytime I've had a plant begin bleeching it STOPPED growing bigger. Instead it began to pretty much suffer from the intensity....

    Try to keep it as 'natural' as possible for the lady - and in her world, the end of flowering = cooler temps and less light than normal...

    My .02.
  3. hrm doesn't really sound like sun bleaching to me
  4. if not bleaching then what? I watered today 6.3ph so not a ph problem, I been giving bloom nutes with mirconutes... 15-30-15, at about 800 ppm, I started with 600 then scaled up, I got a bit of burn at 1000 so I dropped to 800 and seems alright... sensitive strain I guess...

    any ideas? I don't have a camera =( or I would have already posted pics, the entire fan leaf is yellow now... I dunno, is about 5-6 fan leaves in the center of the screen, no where else. No deficiency I don't think. At least if there are they aren't showing them selves... yet... but everything seems alright other then that, I don't know...
  5. Nah bro. This is bleaching from the sun being too powerful for a clone in my yard , first off nitrogen will leave the plant in flower but. You don't want it to leave too early. So maybe considering they have the fans going yellow, that's always the first sign in flower that they have not enough nitrogen. You want as many leafs and branches to stay green as long as possible right till the end where you flush out the nutes and let the plant use what's stored in the fans. This is a clone that was under cfls then went straight to full blast sun. I know this necause the new growth is perfectly happy and nice and green and healthy. Only the fans it had when I transplanted havery the white. The rest are coming in nice. Good luck. I've grown over 200 strains now and been at this tired a while. My real name on here is numbnutts. I just cant figure out what email I used in terms of the numbnutts profil . Best of luck. Unless this is an old post then I'd like to hear what happened.

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  6. FIrst things first - get some pictures up. Other than that and I don't care who's giving you advice - they're only guessing, and which means if you take their advice and make changes then you're all guessing and will probably do more harm than good.


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