Is spray paint bad for plants?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by [Towelie], Jul 4, 2017.

  1. I have some clay pots and I want to paint them different colors, does spray paint seep into the soil after it dries?
    Would it cause any problems to grow plants in spray painted pots?
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  2. um ..well yes spray paint is bad for plants as well as any living thing including humans. buy colored pots ..or colored tape ..or something else...but do do anything with spray paint around plants or Thier pots...

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  3. Lol just inhale some and see if it hurts you it hurts them
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  4. I would wait to paint them after there is no plants in them... But if its en emergency for some reason *cough guerilla grow cough*

    But to answer your question, idk if it will seep into the soil, but i would jist spray paint the outside of the pots and not inside. You should be ok. Im sure there are 1000s of people that spray paint their pots
  5. I haven't got any plants yet but I'm planning to, I'm just worried that the paint can dissolve when watering the plant, (after it has dried)
  6. colored duct tape is prly safe and cheaper
  7. I guess I'll just paint the outside of the pots and leave the inside unpainted (I want my grow room to look pretty)
  8. Go
    Good looking buds make a grow room pretty lol....just buy colored pots if that's what u want
  9. Changed my mind, I'm keeping the environment all natural for the plants. Basic clay pots, unpainted.
    And avoiding plastic as much as possible, even using glass water bottles to water the plants.

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