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Is something sketchy going on here am I getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amateurblazer, May 3, 2011.

  1. I am not new to smoking but I kind of noticed an odd pattern my dealer has been repeating to me. He would sell me a sac, and call me a few days later saying that the last sac he sold was too light and he wanted me to buy more and he did this like two times already. In order for you guys to determine if I am getting fucked with, I will post up a pic of my buy in about an hour or two. But until then, what do you guys think so far?
  2. If he sells you more he'll make a greater profit...
  3. He probably just wants repeat business, but to be sure he's not ripping you off I would get a scale. What size bags are you usually buying off of him? Quarters,eighths, grams?
  4. Usually always above 3 grams. Last buy was 8 grams because it was one huge fat nug and like 3 little ones so I didnt know if I was getting ripped off or not.
  5. Well think about it. If every time he says he shorted you and he would sell you more next time, wouldn't that make your sacks sequentially heavier? (Not sure if sequentially is the right term or not. If so then hell yeah for a good vocabulary). I say keep doing it until he's selling you 5 gram $20 sacks :p

    Incase I misinterpreted the story, ignore the above ramblings and consider him ripping you off. He shouldn't be shorting you ever, and if he shorts you once and you buy from him again, ask him to weigh it out in front of you so you don't have a repeat of last time.
  6. Yeah a scale is a good idea
  7. Most dealers i know wont tell you they gave u low weight if they know it. They also even do deals where its like a half of dank shake for $75
  8. Update: I paid $20 for this.

  9. Looks like some mids. For $20 that doesn't look terrible but it really depends on your location. I'd suggest keeping him in your phone in case all your other dealers are dry and you just gotta have some bud.
  10. Ouch...20 dollars for a gram of regs..

    Time for a new 'dealer'.
  11. not the highest quality weed (mids like shpongle said) but a fair amount for the price.
  12. Really depends on where you live, where i live, thats kind of week for 20 bucks but thats because we got dank in mass quantities around here. Its all whether or not YOU feel ripped off or not, if you feel like you werent ripped off, then you werent. But yea, a scale definitely helps lol
  13. i could get that for like 3-5 bucks.......its not even dank...if it was dank for 20 then that would be ok but it looks more like low grade regs or high grade shwag
  14. dont ask us bc its only gonna make you feel worse about it. smoke it youll get high. if thats what your workin with its what your workin with. id be lookin for new guys but dont go off on him or anything about it being short. Ask him how much it weighs and then how much he wants for it. if it at least weighs what he says you got something going. so get a scale bro its shitty really having to own a scale if you dont sell but ITS A MUST.

    so as long as it weighs what he says and doesnt say its starburst kush or some dumbass name like that, stay high my friend.
  15. This shit gets me pretty high I aint gonna lie. Wait a minute....
  16. for $20 thats on point in my eyes unless its REALLY fluffy
  17. yeah for 20 you should of got at least 6g's.. thats like 2-3g's..
  18. If he said your sacs been light more than once they why do you continue to buy from him?
  19. its not THAT bad for someone that hasnt found a very good dealer yet

    just enjoy it and know that it could have been worse
  20. also: him telling you he shorted you and that he'll get you back on your next buy is just a ploy to get more $$$ from you...not exactly to rip you off...he just wants you to buy more...

    i think its pretty ignorant of him to call a few days later and say he "shorted" you days before...if he knew days before he would have fixed it before he brought it over...i mean wtf...does he just wake up on day and be like, "damn i shorted that kid 3 days ago"...more than likely he has a scale anyway...any smart dealer would...

    he just wants ur business imo.

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