is someone being racist?

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  1. It's possible,I think of humans in the same way i think of weed plants, each strain has it's own genetics and it's own effects,but the more you mix the strains, you get a better weed plant,so the more human races mix the better the human
  2. I'm not sure how valid this is, but if it is valid it isn't being racist; it is mearly stating facts. I doubt it is factual however, and brain size (especially within inches) has very little to do with intelligence. For example, the male brain is statistically larger in mass than the female brain, but with no statistical difference in 'intelligence' between the two sexes.
  3. mind = blown
  4. I have always considered "intelligence" to simply mean how well you can remember things.

    For example:

    Jeopardy. Ken Jennings was on there for a huge amount of time, setting all types of records, simply because he remembered just about everything that he learned in school, in life, from reading and from watching tv, movies and more. He is considered an incredibly smart person.

    My 2 cents :)
  5. That's not 'racism'.
    There are clear crossing brackets of intelligence between races, but intelligence is usually related to IQ, which isn't really an accurate measure of intelligence. East Asians being the highest, Africans being the lowest. This variety of intelligence across the different races is also linked to the education and upbringing of the person, education is obviously much more widely available and superior in England than it is in, for example, Nigeria.
  6. this type of research is really controversial. i mean it's pretty much working with traits theory and this is the type of thing that encouraged Hitler to do what he did. That being said, we have to accept truth for truth. I'm not sure if more brain-mass = more intelligence. Personally I think intelligence is taking what information you have and being able to draw valid and creative conclusions from it.

    Also remember this is a generality. I'm Asian and I don't view myself as more intelligent than anyone else because of race (I just am :D jk). Besides even if it were true it wouldn't make others' conclusions invalid or insignificant. The beauty in humanity is the ability to create so many different things and come to so many different ideas. Everything is relative and we shouldn't focus too much on this type of crap.

    Statistically they say Asians have smaller penises than whites or blacks. I think this is true in my case. I'm not packing a huge python and I don't give a damn. It doesn't hurt my manhood in anyways and if anyone tries to dog me I just explain that in my view you need to be able to fuck (reproduce) and fight (protect the things important to you) in order to be a man and I can prove the first to any willing beautiful woman and the second to any punk ass who'd wanna try me.

    I think this type of research is pretty pointless. I mean even if we were to say "Oh this group of people are smarter than that group," then what? Would we wipe out the dumbest group of people or force them to do the remedial work? HELL NO! Watch Gataga with Ethan Hawke. Above all else the human spirit, determination and guts is what leads to success.
  7. Thats not intelligence. Thats memory.

    Intelligence is knowing how to think critically, though having background knowledge helps you make that decision. You have to be intelligent enough though to consider all background info, not just the info that supports your current view or emotional state.
  8. Cows have huge brains, they're dumb as shit.
  9. Isn't it said that Einstein had a small brain?

    I'm pretty sure the size of your brain has little to nothing to do with your cognitive capacity.
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    They also have big bodies so the ratio of body size to brain size is larger, which is why they aren't very smart.

    I remember learning in psychology that greater surface area of the brain leads to faster cognitive processing and is the reason our brains have sulci. This doesn't seem racist and any baseline difference between most humans is probably negligible anyway.

  11. Thank you! I had no idea what "memory" was! Wow. It's so close to the word "remember".

    Well, I guess that makes my entire statement void, as anyone can see. ;)
  12. Pointing out facts = the belief that one race is superior to another?


  13. No, I was wondering how valid the argument was. For some reason someone didn't recognize it as a good source of information. So, I wonder, is the source of this information and those who subscribe to it, are they being racist?

    Aside from that, does the brain not function in a more efficient way when it's better connected, i.e. when it has a greater number of neurons? I want to know the truth. I'm confuuuuuuused. :confused:
  14. This discussion opened my eyes!

    From Wikipedia, I learned:

    When comparing different species the ratio of brain weight to body weight does present a correlation with intelligence, though the actual brain weight has little or no effect. For
    example, the ratio of brain weight to body weight for fish is 1:5000; for reptiles it is about 1:1500; for birds, 1:220; for most mammals, 1:180, and for humans, 1:50.

    A lot of interesting question were raised in the following article:

    HowStuffWorks "Brain Size and Intelligence"

    I think this is interesting stuff...not sure how to process it, but it's interesting.

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