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is some weed damaging to your health?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stealthslaya77, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. My friend just tried to tell me that some weed has things on it
    From the grow like pesticides that can really hurt your health
    When smoked. Is this true at all?
  2. Well the properties of smoke are not good for your lungs. Cannabis smoke does not contain pesticides though . Cannabis is much better for you than Nicotine because you smoke it in much less quantitys. You could smoke for 20 years and still be fine.
  3. Yeah I know that but he was saying that on the actual bud of some plants
    There are pesticides left over from the grow that the grower used to kill bugs and
    Whatnot. and that smoking them is extremely dangerous.
  4. Well, yeah. If an idiot grower uses pesticides and doesn't properly flush his plants, then yeah, there will be some residue of the pesticides. Doesn't occur often though. I've never personally experienced it
  5. I don't know the technical lingo, but i've smoked since I was 14, 24 years old, and I having had any health problems with it yet..

    But you can damage your lungs if you inhale lot and your not taking the time to take a few fresh breaths....

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