is soil enough?

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  1. I recently transplanted from a shitty no fert soil(I was using nutes) into miracle grow indoor potting mix and was wondering if I should pick up with the nutes again. its been about a week with just the soil n fresh water.N E insight is greatly appreciated.
  2. Mg = dumbass

  3. I heard some people say miracle grow causes nute burns then other people said they used miracle grow and it worked fine.. alot of people is recommending fox farm ocean forest.. I havent used either one im workin on germin my seeds as we speak. this will be my first grow
  4. MG potting soil isn't bad, it is there chemicals and nutes you need to watch out for.
  5. thanks 4 the advice ppl I am lookin 4 sotres that carry fox farm now n was also wondering about bat guano as a fert. n e thoughts?
  6. yeah you should be good with just the soil no nutes, additional nutes will almost definitely burn ya.
  7. totally agree with this, when it comes to MG soil theres tons of crap in it, addin any nutes will cause nute burn, MG soil usually feeds 'normal' plants for months, its true that some people say MG soil is 'ok' to use but theres many many more that hate it for killing off their plants/seedlings, causing nute burn & generally just causing issues to the plants etc (its especially harsh on seedlings!)
  8. google fox farm then go to their website.. then they will have a section that tells u what store has fox farm products in ur area..
  9. thanks every one I'm pickin up some fox farm 2morrow 4 my soon to be sprouts and will def cut out the nutesand again thanks 4 the help
  10. Very good choice.FFOF one of the best soils out there All there products work great when used properly together.Good Luck:smoking:

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