Is socialized health care good or bad?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jimbobbybob, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Short: Just answer the poll, I just want to see what people think.


    Though out:
    I personally think it's bad because if you have it, you have to pay for the health care of people who lead unhealthy lifestyles. I eat most all organic food, veggies and fruit almost everyday, not a lot of meats...don't eat fast food a lot and don't consume alcohol often (once a month on avg). So why should I have to pay for those who eat fast food and go home to watch tv everyday? I'd be down for it to help those who were born with illnesses and stuff people can't do anything about, not those who cause their own diabetes though...and such yeah?
    Only way socialized health care would work fairly is if everyone ate the same basic foods daily and lived healthy lifestyles. That takes away freedom though, and you can't have both.

    As the great Charlie Kelly once said,
    "why is the government not providing us with health insurance? I mean, What is this like some kind of socialist country... or some kind of communist dictatorship? This is insane. This is un-American. You don't pay for health insurance that's crazy"
  2. I think the whole problem is the "Insurance" industry. Every way you turn they have their hand out, health, home, life, car insurance it never ends. And try to make a claim on a policy, " You're in good hands with Allstate" total bullshit. They will fight you tooth and nail over every cent. Insurance companies should be required to be nonprofit. That will be the only way to stop this rip-off industry....Meanwhile when someone goes through life with an easily treatable issue such as high blood pressure, after 30 years they have multiple life threatening problems that just a small amount of "HEALTH CARE," not insurance, could have prevented...
  3. Socialized anything is bad. There's no need to get specific.

  4. it just means nonprofits for things we need
  5. It's bad because it generally requires the initiation of force to sustain. If 'socialized health care' could be provided voluntarily (without the initiation of force), I don't see an issue.

  6. Non profit = non qualtity or non existence.
  7. not true . it doesnt mean selling a cheap product for max profit
  8. Profits, losses, and free market prices are required to efficiently allocate society's scare resources. You socialists live in absolute fantasy worlds created in your own heads. Step into reality sometime please.
  9. Then the bureaucrats take over....look at the prison industry.
  10. bureaucrats are corrupted cuz they work with profit minded businesses.. like tha prison industry
  11. Studies have rated health care in America, among a number of industrialized nations, in last place. Even more disgraceful is that about 45 million Americans, most of them with jobs, have no health care at all.

    While I'd rather we did not have socialized health care, it's better than what a lot of people in the United States have.

    It is not always possible to buy your own individual policy, due to high costs in many states. In New York State, for example, the cost is thirty thousand dollars a year per couple, and up, for a halfway decent HMO policy - and there's other out-of-pocket expenses as well.

    Until we fix this broken system, if you're not insured at work, are unemployed, not on SSD or SSI, can't afford to buy a policy, don't qualify for for a state-subsidized policy or there's none available in your area, etc., then go to the local hospitals and see what they have available for uninsured people - sometimes you can get treated there for a relatively small amount.

    Do whatever you gotta do.
  12. Good for me, bad for us.
  13. Socialized anything usually ends up bad.
  14. Well we better ask China first since they'll be the ones paying for it because we certainly don't have the money.
  15. Give all Americans the same healthcare benefits they would qualify for in prison. Anything better than that, if they want it, they'll have to pay market price. But for the general public to be denied access to basic exam and diagnostics and emergency repairs, in the name of insurance profits, is a sick way of doing things.

    Health care would be best served by a basic public health system, free to all. Plus tax, of course.

    An ounce of gold in prevention, is worth a pound of titanium cure.

    You will pay for it either way, btw. Insurance makes a profit for a reason. They overcharge everyone.

    Insurance should only cover extremes, get these vampires off the system, and let some competition bring prices down to reality, and most people can afford to contribute to a community pool.

    Personally, I think insurance has destroyed the quality of healthcare in this country, and created a system of junkie-makers and scanner operators in place of the wise old docs who used to know their patients by name, and on sight.
  16. Insurance has brought down quality?

    Try, government involvement.

    Anything the government provides WILL drop in quality and rise in price.

    Freedom is the answer to everything.
  17. Insurance companies were created by the gov in the first place. Lyndon Johnson and his miserable policy failures known as the Great Society can be thanked.
  18. Insurance companies are free to inflate their prices and make health insurance unobtainable for some working people.

  19. Because it's not a free market.

  20. How would we go about making health insurance more affordable then?

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