Is snorting percocets bad?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Smoker89, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hey im just wondering if there is anything really harmful about snorting percocets
  2. yeah.. most of the pill is tylenol which you dont want to snort..

    if you want to snort gotta get some of the pure pills like OXYCONTIN.

    just pop em dude..youll thank yourself as will ya nose.;)
  3. I never snorted them when I had them.

    Broke my foot and was prescribe those things. After a while I could feel myself getting hooked on them. I was taking about double the daily dose a day. They just made me feel so good. I would lay back in my bed, pop two, and forget about the stupid cast on my leg.
  4. are they oxycodone 5's, 15s, or 30s? or are they oxycodone/apap(tylenol)
  5. Nah, he's talking Percocet, which is the combo.

    Ezav is right, don't snort that shit, just pop 'em. Too much of the stuff you don't want and too little of the stuff you do. Just think about it, a Perc weighs a gram or 2 but there's only 5-10mg of oxycodone in each, so just do the math for the purity of Perc.

    It's true even with OxyContin, but they're just inert binders, and there are much less of them so it's ok to snort. For example, an OC80 is only like 31% pure by weight.
  6. dont snort pills - too many fillers to bind with the chemical to make it pill form - and those fillers shouldnt go up your nose
  7. cet - acetominophen
    similar to ASA, ibuprofen
    not what you want in your nose.. eat it..

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