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Is smoking weed bad for someone that has dementia?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bamboobam, Feb 7, 2014.

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    I know someone that has dementia and it's so sad to see her slowly lose her memory and people around her get really frustrated with her illness at times. Seems like I am one of the few people around her at times that's actually patient with her. I've thought about making her happy for once and smoking, but idk if it's bad for someone with dementia? She probably will never smoke, but it would make me feel great to see her genuinely laugh and not give a shit for a few hours instead of crying and feeling miserable. I am also afraid to ask her because she might be like "wtf" since she is conservative and she didn't really drink in the past before she was diagnosed... Idk I know it will more than likely never happen, but it's a thought that would make me feel like it would be the best thing. Especially with the fact that she knows she is slowly dying and she's accepted that. Problem is that weed is illegal in my state and if her husband found out, he would probably go crazy. What should I do?

  2. This is part of (Granny) Storm Crow's List. They may get here interested. :smoke:
    Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol for nighttime agitation in severe dementia
    (full - 2006)
    Cannabis 'could stop dementia in its tracks' (news - 2008)
    Cannabinoids and Dementia: A Review of Clinical and Preclinical Data
    (link to PDF – 2010)
    The development of cannabinoid CBII receptor agonists for the treatment
    The role of phytochemicals in the treatment and prevention of dementia. (abst – 2011)
  3. I'm really looking for advice of how to address this to her or if I shouldn't do it at all.
  4. You could read through some of those and then let her know the ways it can help her. If you print them out, you'll even have medical studies to back it up. :smoke:
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    Be straight up. Tell her how you feel about seeing her with her illness and that you looked for help online and found something that could help, don't lie and say it something else just tell her that its cannabis and show her the pages granny linked
  6. I know guys... It's just that I am scared of her reaction.
    that is what the information is evidence to the medical benefits it would have.
    research papers printed out and intelligent responses will do wonders...even a good old boy drug czar has to admit to documented FACTS that mj is medicinal in many ways.
  8. True. Thanks for the input!
  9. Well her reaction isn't gonna change by asking here.
    Be straight up. Ease her into it. Inform her and let her do the choice. No pressure.
  10. cannabinoid deficiency cause fear in individuals. get cannabinoids in your body- get happy!
  11. Ya it actually helps a lot. I feel you on being scared of her reaction but that's up to you, if you feel like it would be worth it to tell her then you should.

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