Is smoking weed all day every day as bad as cigarette addiction, alcoholism, etc.?

Discussion in 'General' started by black sabbath, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm curious if I sat around at home smoking 10+ joints/blunts a day is that really better than any other minor drug addiction? I smoke a shit load of weed but I stil work and go to school full time, just want some opinions

  2. still work and school full time? you answered your own question.

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    Yes. Well not just as bad, but it really isnt a healthy lifestyle. One time I got into it on that scale and it just fucked me up. Its nice to be sober! Also you appreciate the high a lot more the less you do it, and if you do it on that scale (pun intended), your tolerance will build up to the point you don't even get high anymore. I smoke anywhere from 2-10 times a week and I enjoy it much then when it was 2-10 times a day. Rations!

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  4. As long as you are still motivated and productive, how could it be anywhere near as bad? :smoke:
  5. Physically pot is obviously waaaaay waaay better than that other shit, its just not a healthy lifestyle, thats all.

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  6. It's worse.
    (takes a drink off the beer)
    You're headed towards a downward spiral with that kind of abuse
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    Idk I wonder this too, Cuz I smoke gram after gram everyday but I still go to school full time and work part time. I lift weights 2x a week, run 1x a week, and box 1x a week. I find that the only thing that's bad really is the smoking. Gives me so much phlegm. I'm gonna vape to fix that problem though. But I use for medical reasons.... as well as getting high too lol.

    I'm a fit healthy stoner and I'm pretty happy with it.
  8. Health wise you got nothing to worry about with weed, its a natural bronchial dilator so your lungs can actually purge the tar and other nasty stuff that would otherwise collect in your lungs and potentially cause cancer.
    Remember, no one has ever died from smoking weed :)
    As long as the smoking isnt preventing you from getting shit done that needs to get done or affecting you in a way that damages your social life then there really isnt a problem.

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