Is smoking weed all day every day as bad as cigarette addiction, alcoholism, etc.?

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  1. I'm curious if I sat around at home smoking 10+ joints/blunts a day is that really better than any other minor drug addiction? I smoke a shit load of weed but I stil work and go to school full time, just want some opinions

  2. No it's not as bad. It's a plant God put on Earth. If you're worried about the health aspect of it I would say invest in a vaporizer
  3. That sounds brilliant to me, if you consider this as being addicted then...
    Hi my names Jason...
    And I am an addict.
  4. It depends if you can go a day without it or not. If you feel the intense need to be high all the time then i would say it is no better than feeling then intense need to be drunk all the time. That is the mental side of things, however weed is a much healthier habit physically than alcohol, etc.
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    Seriously though, it is bad for you, but not as bad as alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Especially blunt wraps. Cigarillos are not meant to be inhaled. Eating it is the healthiest way hands down, but you are still altering the chemicals in your brain in a massive way if you smoke 10 joints/blunts a day (between 5 and 10 grams)
  6. must be nice to have money to smoke 10 blunts a day.....unless its schwag 
  7. Smoking 10 blunts a day is horrible.
    It's just equal to smoking a cigarette.
    Cigarettes are disgusting and only bad people smoke them.
  8. That is quite a lot of blunts. I consider myself an all day everyday; or an, if you got it smoke it, type smoker but 10 blunts is just a waste. I may roll 2 a day, but they last me 4-5 hours a piece. Especially when I pack a bowl here and there
  9. Only "bad" people smoke cigarettes? You can't be serious?
    I am serious, think about it.
    They must not have any care for themselves or the people around them.
    That in turn makes them a bad person.
  11. Lol wut
  12. Your rationalization for this false claim is terrible. You are saying that everyone who smokes cigarettes has no care for themselves or anyone around them is one hell of a bs generalization. Most senior citizens who smoke didn't know it was bad for them when they started because of the lack of research on the subject and have been smoking since they were teens. Something you do for 50 years multiple times daily is incredibly hard to stop doing, no matter what it is. Also I am fairly certain the majority of the population cares about themselves, smoker or not. I could continue giving you reasons why that is an ignorant claim, but you probably don't care and won't change your mind anyway.
    Must not have much willpower but that's a different subject.
  14. 10+ blunts a day, everyday?

    Yea I'd definitely say without a doubt that's as bad as or worse than smoking a couple cigarettes a day.

    Idk how I'd compare it to alcoholism.. effects different parts of the body.. but both would be addictions and not good.

    It's difficult to compare , but yea bottom line is smoking 10+ blunts everyday is not good for ones body, or mind.
  15. everything in moderation. a lesson i have yet to learn myself. that said cannabis have really helped me control my anger and i think i'm a better person because of it.
  16. :laughing:
  17. Get a bong or a pipe or a vaporizer! Smoking tobacco blunt wrappers, or even paper, is NOT good for you! As to how bad it is in comparison to tobacco or alcohol, this should fill you in-
    [SIZE=12pt]Tobacco-Related Health Costs: $800; Booze-Related Health Costs: $165; Pot-Related Health Costs: $20 – Any Questions?               (news – 2009)    [/SIZE]
  19. The key is behavior and what a particular drug does to modify your behavior. If all you do is sit around and smoke, your behavior will change. Your psyche is going to change. Addiction comes in many forms. Some of the worst I've seen were certainly "not" drug related. We humans are incredibly vulnerable when it comes to mental conditioning and it can be accomplished rather easily and it can sneak up on one as well.
  20. I used to not believe in weed addiction but its very real. I would feel dependent on it and be mentally addicted. Yes there are no withdrawls but you still have to make sure you live your life and weed is your treat

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