Is smoking weed a sin?

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  1. Speaking under the context of Christianity, is it considered a sin?
    I mean, things like this: [​IMG] just make my head spin for some reason.:confused:
  2. Whenever I see that meme, or that one guy with "God is great, man is not(picture of mushroom cloud), man made whiskey, GOD MADE POT." in his signature, i think of how easily you can argue for god being evil or indifferent using the exact same logic. Here's a simple template:

    Man made <insert one of; modern medicine, modern technology, soap, etc>, God made(or chose not to prevent, for you theological nitpickers and metaphysical gymnasts) <insert one of;childrens cancer, arsenic, child rape, natural disasters, smallpox, etc>.


    The god made/man made meme is just full of so much idiocy, and no one ever calls it out for some reason.

    *I hope i didn't seem to make light of cancer or rape in cases that don't involve children, I was only specific to drive the point home that god chose to do nothing about these horrible things.
  3. If you believe in a creator God who has preferences on matters like this, why don't you ask him?

    In reality, there is no "sin". Sure there are fucked up things that cause a lot of suffering, and we should avoid doing those things if we all want to live in peace and happiness, but there is no "sin".

    People live and die their whole life smoking weed. They don't believe in that Christian God, they don't get condemned by a Christian god, and they don't go to any "hell". They return to the source of all creation, which is singular and undivided.

    Don't let religion guilt trip you out. Enjoy your weed man.

    Happiness In Life

    You might enjoy this. I know its just someone else's opinion but I agree with a lot of it. What "purpose" is there in life but to enjoy it? Sure we can impute many different meanings, like helping people etc, but in the end isn't it all just so we can live happily together in peace and contentment? We avoid getting sick so we can enjoy life, we work so we can enjoy freedom, we don't work so we can enjoy freedom. Bottom line, enjoy your life and enjoy your damn weed! :smoke: (my 2 cents)

  4. just staying alive is a sin. you have to constantly kill crap, steal from other stuff.... and so on and so forth. living is a sin.
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    i hope it is. I like pissing off christians.
  6. its actually a double sin because ronald reagan was against it...
    spinnin heads.
  7. In Genesis 1:29 it says something like "I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of the earth." Also there are many instances in the bible where an annointing was done, and cannabis oil was traditionally used for that.

    So yeah most people point to those two things as a green light from god for smoking the green. But christians are so stupid, they keep questioning if everything's a sin and look for answers everywhere but within. Why don't they just ask god if it's alright to do it, the answer's right there.
  8. If you are a Christian just remember Jesus died on that cross to forgive you for your sins or something like that........
  9. Not all Christians. I'm a Christian, but I definitely know what you mean, and you're right.
  10. BILL HICKS <3

    [ame=]YouTube - DID GOD MAKE A MISTAKE ON MARIJUANA?[/ame]

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