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Is smoking up everyday too much? Is this not good for most people?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by incrededibles, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I pretty much just work, sleep and smoke weed now that college is over. I'm under a lot of stress at work and coming home to bud always feels like my reward. I know that there is a too much as far as weed goes but if I didn't smoke I would sleep just as much if not more. It wouldn't open me up to more social opportunity. I'd just like to have some opinions

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  2. Find weed events and see if you like the community meet some people and get some dick/pussy (mentally delete the irrelevant choice) to be thrilled as fuck to come home from work n smoke weed with...
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  3. I like this idea :)

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  4. No two people are the same. I would think needing a cup of coffee every day just to wake up would be too much, but who am I to say if I don't indulge myself?

    Personally I think smoking weed every day is just fine and supplements good health so long as you know how to be productive about your life and enjoy what you are doing overall.
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  5. I smoke pretty much everyday from my first cup of coffee until just before bed. I run a small but successful construction company and I'm not a burn out. Indicas don't take any motivation away and sativas don't make me scatterbrained and unproductive. I just do what I do because I have to.
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  6. It's a different reality in some places, around here it's weird if you turn down a smoke, everyone is medicating all the time, everywhere. Pot fields in the open, sheriffs stop by and say hello asks about the garden. Children helping out in the fields. Its great once you surround yourslef with like minded people who use cannabis in their everyday lives in a big way. Smoking everyday is totally up to the person. It's not a bad thing, But remember Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. Not just by burning it.
  7. I'm the same way. Go to work, smoke on my break, come home, smoke and play video games/ watch tv. Weed has definitely had a negative effect on me financially. But that's about it. I don't think I would have any more or less friends if I didn't smoke.

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  8. So how many cups of joe does it take to stay relatively stable throughout the day? And does it counterbalance with your weed intake?
  9. Only negative it has on me is financially, and even then I'm still getting by. I look at weed the same way I look at coffee. And I drink multiple cups of coffee daily ;)

    "what i do is not up to you."
  10. TBH as long as your a productive stoner and get shit done. it's just fine , like as long as it's not effecting your health in a negative way keep doing what your doing.

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  11. I drink 2 sometimes 3 cups of coffee in the morning. Never do Starbucks or whatever. Only homebrew, Seattle's Best #4. Don't really think about if it affects my bud intake. More like compliments it in the morning.
  12. If you feel like you have to indulge in some weed everyday, you may need to do some self analysis.
    Those with medical conditions obviously get a pass here.
    But the recreational user may need to rethink things.

    Like alcohol, if you need to have a drink everyday you may want to evaluate your situation.
  13. if it bothers you, then do not smoke everyday. I commit hanus crimes when i don't smoke daily lol.
  14. It doesn't bother me per-say. I think what really bothers me is my lack of free time

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  15. It's fine as long as you can live up to your daily least for the most part...or just enough that suits you...
    Just don't end up like mordecai and rigby from Regular Show...they're cool and all but I think they couldn't handle the reefer and decided to work at a park and stop smoke. Bad idea that last one...

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  16. I did that half a year and my memory of that time is very blurred. So I think it's not the best thing to do. My advice would be to only smoke once a week but a gram at once but who's got that much discipline?
  17. I smoke daily because:
    1, I'm a stoner that's been puffin for 50 years
    2, Arthritis and sciatic pain management.
    3, I'm a stoner that's been puffin for 50 years.
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  18. I had a phase like that with ptsd while in grad school. Don't make yourself feel guilty. It sounds like what you're doing. You actually said definitively you don't think it's a problem. Come to terms with the role it plays in your life. You know you. Ask questions like you are now and you'll figure out what you want to do...but it sounds like marijuana might be the answer for your particular problem...
    I could be wrong because I am stoned after all

    "A gnome named norm@" a very excellent film btw


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