Is smoking out of PVC bad for you? (POLL)

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    QUESTION: IS SMOKING OUT OF PVC DANGEROUS? Explain why or why not.
  2. You mean putting the flame directly to the pvc?. That would be dumb idea. I don't think it needs to be explained why.

    If it's a steamroller with a metal or glass bowl its probably fine.

    As long as the pvc isn't getting more than a little warm it'll be fine.
  3. PVC has tons of carcinogens just sitting in the plastic, waiting for a little heat to be released into the air. Don't smoke out of it unless the smoke is already cooled.
  4. This thread makes me laugh haha, but it's dangerous.

  5. don't worry, I agree. I just made the thread to prove a point.
  6. Option 5: Don't give a shit..I'm just not going to do it...;)
  7. You don't want to use PVC to contain anything you will be ingesting, especially if higher temperatures are involved.
  8. Darwin was onto something..go ahead, prove him right, improve the gene pool...
  9. The main misconception is that heat is needed. It's not.
  10. And this was necessary after the Incredibowl fiasco?

    To stir the pot or what? Theres 9 pages of debate about it half way up the page. Why are you creating a new entity for this argument?
  11. Well Rasta Haze, I have read their whole debate and the OP seems pretty hard headed. So what if he made a new thread? Sometimes you have to go that extra mile to get something through someone's. Head.

  12. I like how you made a whole account just to say that. Nice!

    I like the name you chose aswell haha
  13. LOL shut up! I didn't makee it just to say this lol, I just wanted a new account that actually represents me.

  14. Aww damn I was hoping you were a new guy haha! But I still like your name haha. What was your old account name?

  15. I am new haha, I meant I didn't make this account just to comment on this poll, I made it cuz I wanted an actual account because I usually just read forums as a guest and I wanted to make sure the name repped me :)
  16. Sorry if I confused ya, I'm a little high :)
  17. It seems to me that anything with this amount of controversy has to have some inkling of truth to it. Why does anyone even take the risk in the first place? You'd think that if someone cared about their health enough that they would just not take the risk and get a proper, guaranteed-to-be safe utensil.

  18. This.

  19. Np haha. I'm easily confused anyways especially when I'm high lol
  20. It would be wonderful if someone could show some studies they or a medical journal has done, proving that no heat Is needed to released chemicals.
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