Is Smoking Marijuana Harmful to Health?

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  1. Please share your thoughts on, whether Is smoking marijuana really harmful to health?
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  3. This is very similar to another recent thread, so I'll say the same thing I said on that... Yes, smoking anything is harmful to your health.. just like having a fire outside is harmful to your health..
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  4. its why vapes are getting more popular even confection, as a blunt/joint/doobie burns at the same temp as a cigarettes 800c / 1470F that can damage skin cells
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  5. Of course it is. Any smoke inhalation is bad for your lungs.
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  6. Yes, and also no .. there are medical compounds n cannabis plant smoke that help the person recover from the smoke inhalation damages .. here is an article to read - All smoke is not created equal - Melamede / Tashkin .

    you can find how the cannabis compounds do that here - patent # 6630507 - cannabinoids as anti oxidants and neuroprotectants ... an expired health patent by the NIH made when they researched cannabis with actual biochemistry and not political influenced lies ... Lies you ask ????

    this - 1974 Virginia medical school research proves cannabinoids kill cancer ( anti Neo-plastic activity of cannabinoids

    DDG link - 1974 Virginia medical school research proves cannabinoids kill cancer at DuckDuckGo

    so the Nixon mandated Shaffer commission to find harms in marihjunaa paid for the research . they in no way paid to find that Cannabis killed cancers !!!! the Virginia medical school researchers did the Biochemistry to reach conclusions 9 TIMES with the exact same result each time - cannabinoids kill cancer ... if one biochemical example is not enough SURELY NINE TIMES would Suffice !!!?? NOT .. Nixon Buried the info as it was not what they paid to find ( TRUST IT!) ... ONE medical journal of the day had the story in there and that was it . an Aids activist group in Cali unearthed the research in 1996

    so there you have it ... even the most respected people can be Pure Greedy motherfuckers and will kill or maim anyone for reaching any type of goal . think of all the people now who can be helped recover from cancer over the years from cannabis therapy if not hindered way back - Holy Fucking HELL !!!
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  7. I have said it before in another thread…. Smoking is very harmful to your health and also harmful to the others that they're around you when you smoking
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  8. did you read my post above yours ?
    also, forgot to mention that plant cannabinoids from cannabis are bronchodilators .....! ingesting them increases how well we can breathe, we breath better etc....
  9. Да, курение марихуаны может нанести вред вашему здоровью. Курение марихуаны может привести к респираторным заболеваниям, включая бронхит и кашель с кровью. Это также может увеличить риск легочных инфекций, сердечных заболеваний и инсульта. Кроме того, дым марихуаны содержит многие из тех же вызывающих рак химических веществ, что и сигаретный дым. Поэтому лучше всего избегать курения марихуаны, насколько это возможно.
  10. no, iT$ cooL

  11. I think is says in the bible that money is the root of all evil. I believe it.
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  12. It says the Love of Money is the root of all evil. Not money is the root of all evil.

    Its the love of it.
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  13. any type of power we place outside of ourselves weakens us ... putting out internal power into an external source of course weakens us too .
    people are truly the currency ... our intent is the Desire of an outcome as currency, and our energy and effort is the payment
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  14. Still at it?
  15. Try edibles instead.
    Just make sure to properly consume them to ensure you do not take too much.
    Other than that, my preferred method.
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  16. $moking = heaLTHY
  17. Wow!! That was very deep! And spot on.
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  18. Edibles are always the best way. Your Liver makes 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    5X stronger
    10X longer lasting
    Now add Lecithin enhancement
    "Liposomal Encapsulation"
    And we have something off the charts in strength, staying power and lack of tolerance build.

    Your "Expenses" fall below a tenth of what you'd spend trying to stay that medicated by smoking.
    What you smoked in one bowl that lasted for 2 hours now got you far more stoned and it lasted 12 hours.
    All day stone from less then that single bowl.
    Your thumbnail is about 1 gram.
    Fifteen doses. Cut a bud that size into 15 same size piles.
    Each of the tiny piles represents an all day stone at 10mg.
    Damn sweet deal if you ask me. 15 full days worth of stone vs 2 hours.

    Now do you start to grasp just how cost effective edibles are?
    Half a month or half an hour.. Let me do the math.. Carry the 4. That can't be right. My calculator says "Tilt"

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