Is smoking marijuana a sin?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by AndyHam, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. i know that there has probally been many posts asking this but is smoking a sin?
  2. sorry,lol i dont think so, maybe smoke crack is a sin though...
  3. It should be a sin if you don't smoke marijuana.
  4. there is a lot of speculation that the holy salve talked about in the bible actually uses cannabis for one of its ingedients... Of coure proving it too 100% is pretty hard this is pretty much what went down
    Soooo i mean if soaking in Canna oil isnt is sin, i highly doubt smoking it would be HAHAHAH. Either way any christian that argues its against god needs to do some more research as to where the bible takes place and the amount of hash/cannabis they have been consuming for...ooohhh THOUSANDS of years lol
  5. There is an inherent problem with answering this question, and it's all based on the interpretation/translation of scriptures that are literally hundreds of years old.

    Not only do we have the language barriers of the "old" English verbiage to get through, along with any translation errors from other old languages, but if you really look hard enough and in between the lines, almost anything can be considered a sin.

  6. yea, but we DO know, they either used something that they were calling what translated to cannabis somewhere in that oil salve, or that they were just straight up using it and it is correctly translated as it says. I mean.... they do have 15 foot tall weed forests in the middle east and the surrounding.... why WOULDNT they have used it...
  7. if you believe in god, then no its not a sin cuz he put it on this earth....thats how i see it, so its your god given right to smoke pot till you fall over imo
  8. With many things related to religion, there is a huge chasm between what we suspect or know, and what we can actually prove.

    That being said, "use" is subjective. It's rather obvious through procreation that man "used" his penis. However, man "using" his penis for self-pleasure is generally regarded as a sin.

    Therefore, we can't even really know that anyone "using" cannabis even in the old days wasn't considered a "sinner" by the general populous, depending on the application, which ironically, is kind of how the law views it today (MMJ is OK, MJ is not)
  9. I havent seen the Commandment that said "Thou shalt not smoketh the herb"
  10. are you productive while high, or just playing on the internet? or both, like working high
  11. I have given you all the seed bearing plants on earth to use, use, use *fades away* metal starts playing.
  12. matthew 15 11.

    "it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.”

    not according to the bible.

    but its proven to be a poor source for facts, so I dont know how credible this answer is.:p
  13. that verse make sense to me

    taste my thoughts
    if there to nasty
    spit them back at me!
  14. Please stop quoting wayne in every thread you post in
  15. sorry im filled with wayne, tupac and not bible verses, sorry bro, like i got 2 brains 1 mind
  16. no god said all plants are here for us too use ( i think ) so yeah your good to go
  17. exploit your needs please
  18. lol ok....:cool::cool:;)

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