Is smoking like an exclusive club

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  1. First off, I'm new to the forums so sorry if this is the wrong section or whatever.
    But anyway, the other day after I smoked I had this weird thought. And I was thinking that smoking marijuana is kind of like an exclusive club that only other people who have smoked can get into. I was thinking about all the other people throughout history who have smoked (like according to popular legend our first president) and its kind of like we are in a cool little stoners club with all of them. And some people will never be in the club. Does this make any sense? Does anyone else ever think this? Or am I just really weird?
  2. It wouldn't be exclusive lol it'd be dangerously over populated
  3. Well it's kind of exclusive of you think of the ratio between all the people who have ever done it and those who haven't
  4. You'd be surprised at the amount who smoked it, especially if you go back 100 years to when it was legal
  5. What about like ancient Greeks. Did they toke up
  6. There's evidence they smoked weed in addition to using it medicinally and also tripped on shrooms.
  7. Are you serious? That's so awesome
  8. Yeah. The history of weed is very rich.
  9. humans have been smoking weed for thousands of years. they found some thousand old weed in a tomb with a dead guy a while ago.
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    Yea, they even vaporized it on rocks that were heated up in a fire and hot boxed that in a tent.

    When you read about it, historians make it sound really funny because they want to be politically correct.

    Plato actually got into trouble for drinking a shroom brew recreationally. At the time it was reserved only for certain people that went through this religious/philosophical ceremony.

    I'm fairly convinced that in his day Plato was as close as you could get to a stoner/hippie and during his day was viewed as such. However, someone along the course of history changed that perception, for what reason we may never know.

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