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Is smoking a gram of wax a week too much?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hamachi12, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I feel like that's too much

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  2. 60$ a week vs a quarter oz which I would smoke in 4 days? Ill take it. Guy above has no clue what he's talking about.
  3. That's about normal, I have a friend who easily smokes a gram a sitting.

    I can make a gram of wax last about a week if I had to.
  4. If it's as you say "wax" which I assume is butane soup then any amount is bad.
    But shit I smoke a gram in a couple day if not less of some shatter/pullsnap

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  5. A gram? That's not bad. I know people who easily put down a gram a day, on top of 7 or 8 grams a day of regular weed. Seriously man if you can make a gram last a week you're the 50%. Most can smoke more in my experience if you really consider how many people smoke. I would say half smoke more than a gram a week
  6. Your brain gonna be like swiss cheese yo!

  7. No, that is not too much at all... That is considering if the "wax" was properly made, the material it was extracted from, the solvent(s) used.
    Etc, etc.
    There are too many variables for one of us to tell you what's too much.

    If you trust your source, a concentrate only regiment is totally fine.

    I will say this...

    I went on concentrate only for a year straight...

    I found that I lost touch with the cannabis flower, and it's symbolic stature... And Tolerance levels shoot through the roof, soon it will be a gram every 2 days, then a gram a day...(again, which is fine if the oil was made correctly)

    I practice diversity now, flowers, Bubble, oil and edibles... Diversity is the spice of life

    I'm very pleased with that decision, smoking a nice bowl mixed with hash is bliss.
    Don't lose your love for the flower is my best advice.
  8. It's only too much if you smoke the entire gram all in one sesh. Then you wait 6 days and do it again. Thats too much.
  9. Smoke as much as you want, unless it takes up all your money and time. I smoke a gram of shatter every 2 days.
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    I say if you can support your habit and it doesn't take up all your time then its all good...and by support I mean by legit means (not beggin for money, stealing or whorin or something)...

    And I don't know too many people that legitly support habits that are dead beats (they hold jobs and stand on their own feet etc)

    So just make sure your not stealin or whorin for it or obsessing all your time over it I say you're good to go...
  11. A gram a week is not much at all man. Just depends, if you can afford what you smoke then it shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll smoke through a gram of dispensary-grade shatter in a day sometimes, but I can afford it. 
  12. gram last me 3 days if I use it wisely
  13. I was the same way. Had a friend making wax from a co2 machine that looked like a diesel engine, only did wax for like 8 months or so and decided I wanted flowers and wax on the side.

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