Is smoke stronger today then it was years ago???

Discussion in 'General' started by MissBaracuta, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. They say weed is stronger today then it was years ago but I don't know if I believe it.  I would swear I got higher years ago on better weed then we get today.  But then again I remember buying an oz for $10

  2. Better methods of growing...As far as I know that has really been the only major shift in the market though. :cool:
  3. You're over 50, you've been getting old for 25 years+, you're just old now.
    Good weed now isn't necessarily any stronger than the good weed then.  That is kind of a myth but good weed is more common now than ever before.
  4. Thats hard to answer because you could feel like you were getting higher then because you were still young and it was still new to you, everyone was like that, if i had to take a crack at it i would say yea todays has the ABILITY to be more potent but as any good cultivator knows after genetics it all comes down to the green thumb :smoke:
  5. I think it's more potent than most of the street grade we got back in the 70's, but doesn't smoke as well. The old Columbian and Mexican had that nice natural spicy smell and taste; this new stuff all smells like cat piss or some such thing and tastes harsh. Although once in a while I still do get a chance to toke on a bit of tasty bud.
    I'm hoping that with the retail thing, once the dust settles, some innovative growers will bring us something tasty again, like the old landraces used to be.

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