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is smell directly related to potency?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazed+confused, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. just curious, im pretty new to weed, and from the different stuff ive smoked some smelt extremely strong, and the last stuff i got barely smelled at all. I have zero tolerance so it all got me high off very little, but i was just curious if the stronger it smelled, the more potent it was
  2. there's an obvouse smell difference between mids and dank.

    mostly when it's burning
  3. yea it is somewhat related, but it could also be dryness or how old your bud is. The stuff you just got could be super dank just not have a smell because its old and dry.

    If it smells strong at first keep it in an airtight container so it wont dry out. If you get dry weed, put a paper towel tight over a pot of boiling water and put your weed over that so it could absorb the steam, let it sit for like 10 mins, and it should be good

  4. why would you wanna wet dry weed?

  5. cus dry weed is harsh (aka youll cough a shitload, especially a new smoker)

    It burns hotter also which means it will cause more damage to your throat and lungs which is definitely not good at all
  6. Right now I'm smoking some dank that was water cured. It has no smell AT ALL, but it gets me real high ;)
  7. Smell is generally a good indicator of potency, but there are exceptions.
  8. its doestn directly link to potency
  9. a funny case is UK cheese. smells like cheese or baby shit. but you know its killer chronic
  10. Good question, I was wondering the same thing. I'm a new smoker too, and it seems to me that when the weed smells fresher or stronger it hits me harder.
  11. ya its a good indication on how dank your weed is. but you cant always base it off that.

    cuz i've smoked skunk weed that had a very potent smell to it and some people could smell it when i walked into the room but ive smoked dank that was much better but didnt have too much of a smell to it.

    normally yes though.
  12. in many cases it is an indicator of potency, but it is not directly related.
  13. it definitely shows how well the dealer cares for it. if it has almost no smell he might have let it sit out and get dry. if it's strong he probably cares for his bud well.
    it also seems like the stronger the smell, the stronger the high. usually for me if the smell burns my nose a little, it's really good bud. sweet, strong smell is some good shit, about average. no smell is usually not that great, but it's something to smoke. i've had really good bud with no smell, but i can't say i've had bad bud with strong smell. the only way to tell is by smoking it.

  14. However, if you're vaping it, you do want it on the dry side. Some vapes like to see bud that is VERY dry.
  15. No, i would say its indirectly related. Most of the time the better weed will smell better, just because of the moisture and ammount of time it was cured and how much care the grower gave it. Shitty bud is probably not cured
  16. Can be a good indicator but if it's really premature then it can smell good and be weak and also curing, drying, storage and strain comes into play. I'd say appearance, smell, consistancy of buds are all good, but until ya smoke it you'll never know. Shoot, one time on a trip to southern north carolina I smoked two fat blunts of some good lookin buds with these guys that swore up and down it was dank, but me and my friend weren't even high. Dudes were pretty silly but if we had had some weed for the trip, they woulda been blown away.
  17. Lol what's with the tags? "my dick"... ;)
  18. No definitely not.

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