Is smell a sign of male/female

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by illuminate, May 16, 2010.

  1. i got a 3 week old hashplant and it smells dank already... I think its crossed with some lemon skunk. The weed I got the seed from was lemon hashplant so I think its lemon skunk x hashplant. Is smell any early indicator (for guessing.....) of sex?
  2. your biggest nice plant turns out to be the male! aint that a bitch. anyway id say no on the question. dont pull males till you see there balls. about 1 to 2 weeks into flower.:D
  3. If my males don't smell good, they don't get to knock up any ladies.

    Considering I would never smoke male plants, that and vigorous growth/other desireable traits are about the only way to know if he's a good suitor.
  4. as people have said, basically no is the answer, in fact it can be quite miss leading in a way, as ive had plants stinking soooo nice in the first wekk of flower & turn out to be male & vice versa, had some very low odor plants that turned out to be some of the best(female) plants ive grown, so id just not pay any attention to smells for sexing
  5. In my limited experience with males, they can be smellier in veg than many females are. As ahkans pointed out, that is one of the only things we have to go by when selecting males so it is no surprise that males that are smelly in veg turn up often.
  6. It's not that they are smellier.. males grow faster and mature faster thus hitting the smell stage first. The best growing plants usually turn out to be males...

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