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Is sketch book paper ok for rolling joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ericesn, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Me and some friends have been rolling joints in sketch book paper for awhile, the other day this guy told me that sketchbook paper has shit on it and that I should use rolling paper. Is this bullshit or will it be ok to go with sketch book paper?
  2. Just buy a pack of papers for a dollar fifty and it'll probably last you a few weeks.. Regular paper has bleach and other chemicals in it that you inhale when you smoke it.. So yeah, it's definitely not a good choice.

    Orange Zig Zags are the way to go, man. :hello:
  3. thx for the tip, i have a home made waterbottle bong, plastic mech pencil for stem. Would that work?
  4. as long as the plastic isn't burning and releasing fumes
    then yes it will work
    so just be careful and if you see some plastic melting then immediately stop
  5. your better off using bible paper.

    no joke
  6. if it has no ink wotsoever i don't see why not, if there is ink on the paper the smoke travling down the joint will vapourise the ink so you will be inhaling the fumes
  7. I think im just gonna hold off until I can get some paper, it does not seem like a good idea if its got bleach and stuff
  8. then again its not like normal paper, its really thin sketchbook stuff not like printer or notebook.......
  9. Please dont bro

    If you really don't want to wait to smoke then maybe u could hotknife some weed. ive only hotknifed hash but it should work. Even if the sketch paper isnt harmful to smoke (probably is) the joint will smoke way to fast and be awful.
  10. uhhhhhhh fine I can wait for a bong or papers not worth the risk i guess
  11. bible paper does work just so you know
    just use one of the back pages thats blank
    it hits pretty harsh
    but if you want to smoke that bad heres a way
  12. there isnt really a risk, doing it once isnt going to harm you or anything but dont get into the habit
  13. thats how i smoked my first two joints not to long ago, the last joint is rolled in sketchbook paper too, so i can either smoke it or unroll it
  14. i remember when i had to resort to homemade bongs and bible paper...then i turned 18 and got myself some zig zags and a hand pipe. so yeah just get some zig zags at your local gas station or liqour store

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