Is single seed centre ripping me off ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by nerdheard8002, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Alright so I ordered Friday they gave a number saying that I purchased something from them they took the money out of my account, I have emailed them several times sense Friday asking about changing the shipping to signature less and about other common questions and they have not sent me any emails back at all! It's been 3 days! Can someone help me out here ?
  2. maybe they're not open on the weekends?
  3. Yes but I emailed them at 11am Friday morning
  4. Guessing that wasn't UK time. Cause there is a bit of a time difference.
  5. You probably just missed them. If you're in the US and you emailed them at 11am on Friday, depending on your time zone, that would be between 4pm-7pm on Friday night in the UK where the seed bank is based.
  6. Oh thanks man I didn't know that :D
  7. I've only placed two orders with them, but they were awesome for me.
  8. Surely not another thread about a seedbank "ripping off" someone where the OP never bothers to let people know whether his problem was sorted out or not....? Why is the online community populated with so many self-serving and self-absorbed posters screaming "SCAM" at every available opportunity? It's unhelpful and counter-productive.
  9. I'm not trying to bash them, I had a conversation with one of there reps and we sorted it out via email. They upgraded my shipping for free
  10. Great, well perhaps letting people know that without being prompted to do so would've been the nice and decent thing to do given you started a thread about being "ripped off"? Seems they did you a good thing there. Thanks for the update.
  11. I'd prefer for him to "update" when he gets his order, not some confirmation email, thank you .
  12. yeah that totally makes sense. OP makes a thread wondering if SSC is ripping him off because he can't get in touch with them via email but let's wait for an update until after he receives the order. I mean, really, who cares if the actual problem he came here asking for help with gets resolved or not.
  13. bitch much ?

    listen bub .. here is the deal.

    dude got scared ..dude got told he was being a fool cause of time difference..dude gets it and stops worrying .then you 2 yahoos come along and rag on him for not taking care of his order up to your standards

    the both of ya just made my ignore list..
  14. wow! okay, if you wanna act like a child I'll treat you like one. Try to find some common sense and use it before you post.

    so I came along and ragged on him for not updating the thread?:rolleyes:

    Go ahead and re-read the thread, it's not even a full page yet so it won't take you too long, and make sure you pay attention to who is actually posting. I'll help you out some since you clearly lack common sense. The OP asked a question and I was one of the people helping him figure things out. Now when he didn't update this thread only one person came on here giving him shit and it wasn't me. Then your dumbass comes on here and posts something so f'n stupid and irrelevant it's ridiculous. And then you follow it up with even more stupidity. I mean I understand this is a cannabis related site, so a lot of people are going to be high when they're posting, but fuck man that doesn't mean you have to log off your common sense when you log onto grasscity.

    And do you really think anyone gives a crap about your ignore list? People don't even care about you so why would they care about your ignore list?

  15. I just re-read your post and it's really starting to make me laugh. Damn you're dumb.
  16. Thank you all for making me laugh my ass off on a schwag high. That was funny as fuck. :metal:

    And now I'm going to go to the Stickied seed bank topic, find the #1 most reputable and well-loved bank listed there, and drop a couple bucks on a dozen eggs. Then I'm just going to chill for a week or three and when they come, they come. No worries. They wouldn't be top rated if my eggs weren't going to come, and even if they didn't come, most likely for some customs-type reason, its only a couple bucks, I'm not investing my life savings here.

    Everybody relax and have some more medicine. :smoke: Thats my humble opinion, and I'm out.
  17. LOLs and you choose to troll with your fist post..

    let me know how that goes.

  18. And the stupidity continues? Do you even know what a troll is? Damn man even things with tiny brains learn from their mistakes.

  19. His post was nothing to do with whether he'd received his order or not. It was about potentially being "ripped off" because he hadn't had an e-mail reply. Surely the logical and decent thing to do would be to let people know that he had received one, and that the specific matter the entire original post was referring to had been resolved....?

    Fair play to the OP for dropping in with an update, cheers to him, just wish people would do that more often instead of starting millions of threads about scams and rip-offs without ever updating them when their apparent problem gets taken care of. All it does is confuse people and make them worry about legitimate sites for no reason.
  20. Yea that's the truth always have let people know if a seed company is a rip or not, even when I have a problem with a plant, I always post the solution and pics when I fix it.

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