Is single issue voting ever a good idea?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JoeVullion13254, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Lets say someone is a marijuana connoisseur living in Colorado. They love marijuana so much that they will do anything and sacrifice any important issue just to keep their right to enjoy marijuana. They want to keep the right to homegrow. They want the tax on marijuana kept to a minimum. They want amsterdam style coffee shops with marijuana consumed on site. And all the protections given by amendment 64 to be preserved. 

    So every election at the state and local level when they vote.  Out of all the important issues whether its jobs, education, fighting crime, fixing the infrastructure, or anything else, none of that matters. They care so much about their right to smoke marijuana that it trumps every other issue put together. All the marijuana fanatics mobilize. They are hardcore passionate "marijuana voters",  They vote as a bloc, give money to candidates with a pro marijuana agenda, and only vote for someone protecting their marijuana rights. 

    Theyre constantly vigilant about whats happening to their marijuana rights. Theyre constantly being updated with the possibility of more restrictions or amendment 64 getting repealed entirely, so whenever someone in the state house proposes something like that, the marijuana connoisseurs bombard them with emails and phone calls, and protest in front of the capitol building. You could be running for office in Colorado and those marijuana connoisseurs could 100% agree with you with every stance on all the issues. But if your anti marijuana, they fight to throw you out of office just on the marijuana issue alone. Thats how passionate they are about marijuana. 
    Would u say this taking it too far? Or is this really necessary to protect their rights to enjoy marijuana? 
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    Seems totally reasonable to me man.
  3. Yes.

    Im a single issue voter. Freedom or gtfo

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  4. I would vote single issue for something like marijuana tbh.  So yes I guess its reasonable.
  5. Its called evolution. You really cant expect society to elect a radical leader thay will change eveeything you want for the better.

    Baby steps.

    Vote for who you think will lead you down the right path one step at a time.

    So yes. Single issue voting is superior to the alternative. The alternative leads to general inaction and a slower rate of "good" changes

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    If the legality of that issue threatens life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness, yes is it acceptable to be a single issue voter.
  7. Voting is pretty meaningless in general, but one issue voting can be just as good as any other kind, given certain circumstances. If someone was genuinely anti-war I would vote for that person based solely on that. That's probably the only issue that I rank so highly though.
  8. Yes.
    Ron Paul's foreign policies would have warranted a vote alone.
  9. Ron paul predicted 911.

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