Is She Small for 1 month?

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  1. Hey, at the rate this girls growing I think im gonna go ahead and veg her for 3 months..
    She's a month old and kinda small. The stem hasn't thickened at all, she always has a fan blowing on her on low I was hoping that'd thicken her up but It hasn't. Shes growing more and more everyday and since I gave her nutes she's been doing good, but she's just a lot smaller than other 1 month old plants I see.

    A few things that concern me are how there lil nubs at the nodes aren't growing at all. I guess she wants to get a lil taller before she gets bushy? I wanna top but I just transplanted her into a huge pillow case so im gonna give it like 5 days before I top. Also notice how she has really indica looking leaves at the bottom but the new growth is the long skinny sativa leaves. Possible product of stress??? She's chem-dog so maybe its just something the pheno does.

    And fr how do i thicken the stems? she's a month old and still wants to fall over when i water.

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  2. Also shes starting to smell dank as fuck already. Is this normal in veg????
  3. Q:
    You didn't ask for this but, maybe, have u ever considered lst?
  4. This is my Girl Scout Cookies and she is exactly 5 weeks today.

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  5. What light, medium?
    4 weeks from sprout.
    4.5 weeks.JPG
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  6. FFOF soil and a 300 watt LED. I got it 2 and a half feet from the plant maybe its too high????

    Its also been hot like ~90s and maybe even 100 on some days I honestly think its the heat slowing her down.
  7. Have to have my input lol
    The one on the left is 2 weeks and big one is 6 weeks (there abouts)
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  8. LMAO your 2 week plant is as big as my 4 week old plant.

    I think i'll be fine she's just behind she did have a ruff start growing in dirt from outside and being put in my gutter for 2 weeks after she sprouted.

    I have a week old seedling that's doing really good maybe that one will grow right.
  9. Haha yeah man that's why I wanted to compare, mine is in hydro though
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  10. how long you been feeding em? mine got fed twice so far half strength n the 2nd feeding was today
  11. Well I started feeding 1/4 strength soon as it had 2nd set of leaves and kept it like that for a week now increased last night to half strength... I change the res once a week and if I need to up the nutes I will

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