Is she ready?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Herballegend420, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. One of my ladies is really close I believe to being harvested. So Itook these pics to get some feedback from the grasscity community lol. Let me know guys!! 20190901_181318.jpg 20190901_181330.jpg 20190901_181220.jpg 20190901_181338.jpg 20190901_181053.jpg
  2. It's kinda hard to say........for do the trichs on the buds look? might can go another week or so....
  3. They're still mostly white really no amber on the trichromes at all just the red hairs on the flower as you see. I think the buds can definitely get bigger in size. Any advice on how that works?

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