Is she ready?

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  1. Ok so she is an auto white widow from canuk seeds.
    75 days old
    Dwc 10 gal
    Cyco nutes
    5.9 ph range of 5.5 to 6.5
    Water temp 67
    Air temp 66 lights of 76 lights on
    Humidity 38%

    She is 34"talland about 28 inches wide very bushy. 20170706_105055.jpg 20170706_105055.jpg 20170706_105055.jpg 20170706_105049.jpg 20170706_104933.jpg 20170706_104940.jpg 20170706_104946.jpg

    I do not have a loupe or a pocket microscope so I can't look at the tricks
    I ordered one on amazon and it will be here on Saturday whish is 2 or so days
    Anyway I don't want to miss my window. You can't see the orange hairs under hps. I just happened to take a pic of the buds today with the flash and they just popped out at me. I was like oh shut I wonder how long these have been here. Lol
    Long story short... it's supposed to be ready in 65 days or so per the grower which I here is Bulls hit anyway.
    I plan on flushing with plain ph'd water and I'd like to turn our the lights to give it a dark period...

    So technically I have 3.5 questions.
    1. Can you tell from the pics if she is ready?
    ●. If you can tell, Is she ready or close, about how many days longer.
    3. When should I start flushing? How many days prior to turning of the lights?
    4. When can I turn out the lights before chopping down? Like how many days of darkness is prefered?
    I know that's a lot but this is my very first successful grow.
    Please help lol!!!!!!
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  2. no shes not ready yet but youll need a loupe to know ya window is bigger than 2 days so ya good.

    id say shes got a while to go ya pistels( although not really a way to know if shes done) are all white not much brown id say ya looking at 1-3 weeks but again the thrichs are all that really matter they get you high nothing else.
    depending on what ya been using nute wise a 2 week flush is prefered id also use molassas in the flush 1tsp per liter unless ya dwc or pure hydro then no molassas.

    light off 12-36 hours up to you theres no huge scientific proof behind it for more stoner science, 12hrs is fine best to chop before lights on or just give 12+hrs dark then chop when ya can that day so ya terps are replenished as light and heat vaporise them hence the smell. :)

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  3. 2 weeks more. It may be the lighting but I see no amber. 10 - 15% percent is "Fatted Calf" in my book. Last 2 - 3 weeks is 25% of weight. (a proven Internet Fact)
    Flushing is a schism in our church. I say no fertilizers is smoother smoke that burns without relight and has grey to white ash. The Heretics don't believe in staving a living plant before harvest.
    Po tay to ....vs pa fuking idiots I say. (and they say same)
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  4. They look great man would love a full picture shot of the plant... and as for timewise I'd say you have 1.5-2 weeks.... not sure though only time will tell. And then yeah you could most likely get away with just watering with regular ph'd water from now on if you wanted... she still seems to be pretty healthy and those leaves seem to be full of nutes from what I can see.

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  5. Thanks guys.. i really appreciate the input. I'll post some full pictures tonite when lights are on. (Flash only) And again when I get the loupe so I can show off the trichs.
  6. go half zoom you get sone decent pics or future 13doller investment a usb micro scope
    clear [​IMG]
    there my usb pics

    cam on zoom [​IMG]

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  7. Yeah man you've got a bit to go, loki's right on and don't judge by hairs my girl is 6 weeks almost and has a lot of orange hairs up top but lots of white down the stalk [​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. Not close to mature. Let her go a few weeks easy

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  9. Looks great!

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