Is she ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Tr1n1ty, May 17, 2010.

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    I'm a first time grower.. so was wondering if you seasoned farmers could tell me if this lady is ready to harvest.

    I'm not sure what strain she is. I got her from Holland as part of a free pack of 10 seeds. Anyone know what she may be?

    Oh and by the way.. she has been in flower for around 6 weeks now, under CFL (I can't afford the good lights yet)

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  2. If you want a happy energetic high, then she looks about ready or getting close for that. But if you want that narcotic couch potato high everyone likes sometimes then I would say a week more at least. I am not very experienced but I look at lots of pics and research a lot. Just trying to get thread started you know haha. :hello:
  3. Pictures of the entire plant would help. 6 weeks under cfl seems kinda quick to be done imo.
  4. My Northern Lights was done at the end of 7 weeks, so it's definitely not impossible for a plant to finish this quick. However, without seeing how many of the trichs are amber there is really no way to know.
  5. You are only showing us the top of the cola. And usually the top finishes first. The top does look pretty much done but you should give us a good shot of most of the plant
  6. i'd give it another 2 weeks till harvest. maybe 1 more week of nutes and then 1 week of flush. should be ready by then. just my opinion. looks tasty by the way :smoking:
  7. Start flushing now. You may decide you want to harvest sooner than later, and it'll still be packed with nutes. Start the flush now and by the time it's clean, you'll know exactly when to harvest. If it's a bit early, oh well. Better to be safe than sorry.
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    Thanks for all the advice..I've posted a few more pics..

    also put in the rest of my girls.. they are about 4 weeks in.. AK-48, and the rest bag seed.

    Oh by the way.. on the pic with all the plants.. the one in question is 3rd from left..

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  9. I agree with CaliGrown, i always flush early just incase
  10. You should invest in a hand microscope from Radioshack for $12 to inspect your trichromes. It's hard to hold steady, so you'll have to clip a sugar leaf and bring it to a table/surface to inspect.

    Looking at your pics though, I'd say they have 2 weeks+ to go. 2 weeks for 50/50 cloudy/amber and the full 3 for mostly amber

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