Is she ready for harvest?

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  1. So my Seedsman Auto Blue is coming up on around 12 weeks from seed give or take... My original harvest date was planned for 7 days from now, but after waking up to some yellowing on the sugar leaves this morning, and after talking to another IRL grower, I'm starting to think it might be ready to chop today.

    This is my first grow btw!

    So here is a shot of one of the buds (they all look pretty similar)


    Apologies for the slightly blurry image. But yeah, the majority of that yellowing on the sugar leaves is new in the past 48hrs so I'm thinking it should maybe be chopped now to prevent the buds getting an ugly coloration? If you're wondering why the fan leaves are all still bright green, I'm pretty sure it's cos I made a noobie mistake and used time release veg nutrients, so it has probably had too much nitrogen during the bloom phase.

    The only reason I've been questioning myself is because I've been checking trichomes with a loupe and I wouldn't say it's gotten 100% cloudy yet, it's more of a mix of cloudy, clear and amber, though cloudy is definitely predominant. I'd say 70% cloudy, 20% clear, 10% amber.

    What do you guys think?
  2. i'd start the flushing and harvest in a week 10days from now ,,but thats just me others may say different ,,,mac
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  3. Ok thanks for the input, I've been flushing for a week now but like I said I was planning for two week flush, harvest 7 days from now. It's an organic grow so 1 week of flush should be ok if I do need to harvest now
  4. Here's a couple more photos, less blurry this time

  5. [​IMG]

  6. Thunderbirds, We have a Go!
  7. I'm harvesting mine tomorrow


    We can do it together lol

  8. Hmm it is so so tempting!

    The only other thing preventing me was that I wasn't sure if the bud sites which have been blocked from light (its an insanely bushy plant) would need a little more development time.

    I've removed some of the decaying fan leaves to let more light and air through, but I'm not sure if it would really be worth the wait if it's gonna mean my main colas end up over-ripe/yellow?

    The trichomes on these lower bud sites are just as cloudy, but buds are a lighter green colour and with much more white hairs.

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