"Is she ready ?" and a flush question.

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  1. Hey folks!
    This is an amnesia haze in week 8. I took some photos. I would like to know what do you think. Is she ready for harvesting or you would wait for a week ? I'm not looking a couchlock effect so i'm assuming its almost ready for my taste.

    Also i have a flush question. This plant is in 15liter coco pot. I flush it with 20liters of water with flushing agent (flawless finish) yesterday. I read that you need to flush your plant with 3x size of your pot. However i didn't use that much nutrients and while flush i saw the clear water coming from the plant (I dont have any PH pen) So i think 20liter of water also worked. What do you think about this approach ? I will do another flush next week.

    Here are some photos
    IMG_6005.JPG IMG_5994.JPG IMG_5995.JPG IMG_5996.JPG IMG_5997.JPG IMG_5998.JPG IMG_6003.JPG
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  2. It looks like you still have some clear trichomes, wait until they're all cloudy but not much Amber to avoid couch lock but I make sure there's no clear ones left, but ask a hundred people and you'll get 98 different answers. It's all preference and your particular plant. My blue dream I harvest 15-20% Amber whereas my agent orange I like 50% Amber trichomes, so just keep notes on this run and next run go more or less to suit the your likings. Another thing I like to do is harvest half the plant at nine weeks and the other half at ten weeks, and see what's better

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  3. It should be ready within these next few days. I like to pick when most of the triches are a gold or amber color. Nice grow.

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  4. Thank you for your replies folks
    Here is a new photo of the top cola.

    Looks like i got enough amber color. I'm thinking maybe i can harvest this plant tomorrow. However the seed company says flowering time is between 10-11 weeks for Amnesia Haze but i'm in week 8 and plant looks ready. I don't get it.

    Maybe i can harvest gradually, take out the top cola first and give couple of more days to the other buds on the bottom.

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