is she hintting me that she wants to be in a relationship?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by davidtokehead, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. HEy there fellow tokers!
    so the other day i hanged out with this girl from high school that i hadnt seen since we graduated(2years ago). we talked as friends on and off for the last two years. she was going thru bad anxiety and panic attacks sice like two months ago, and ive been the only one to be able to understand what she is going thru, because i also had multiple panic attaacks a day for like six months straight before. so when we text sometimes and i say good night, she texts back with "night my love" or "night my loving friend". so the other day we hanged out went to the mall, then to the movies. before we went into the movie, she had a call and was like " i cant talk im on a date", but the thing is she was the one who asked me to "hang out" and she didnt call it a date. after the movie we saw the titanic poster thing and she asked me if i wanted to watch it with her, i said yes but was confused because isnt that a movie for couples? idk im confused. do you guys think she is trying to hint me that she wants a relationship with me?:confused: i would really appriciate your guys advice or comments
  2. I would say you should drop your own hints and see how she reacts. If you keep going out together and talking a lot, you definately have a chance. Go for it homie
  3. Hung*

    Edit: Yes, I'm that guy.
  4. Do you like her? If so just tell her how you feel.
  5. thanks kancastank, but im kinda clueless about droppings hints. like what kind of hints should i drop?
  6. its either that or you got a clinger on your hands

    in all seriousness, if a girl likes you, she almost always wants you to be her man, that or she wants some peen
  7. yeah i think she is very attractive, but we are like different im more of a non comformist into nature and she is like a city girl into fashion
  8. how should i make the first move one her? ive never had an official girlfriend, only friends with benefits
  9. Well she obviously likes you if she told someone on the phone she was on a date, So ask her out to either dinner, movies or whatever you guys agree on and take it from there.

  10. shit, man, she is pretty. if you like her and she likes you then there is nothing stopping you, only yourself. fuck the boundaries people make you think matter. go nike on her ass (JUST DO IT) lol
  11. Dude posting a pic of her on grasscity isn't the best idea lol. If she sees this then you're screwed. By the way her saying love and all that shit, she might just be messing with you. Maybe she likes you as a friend or making it really is more than that, you should ask her man. Be somewhat straight up and see where you stand, if she doesn't give you a good answer then it's either friend zone or shes using you somehow.

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