Is she herming on me

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Doomwaffle, May 9, 2016.

  1. During my checks of my plants today I noticed what looked like balls but I want to make sure I'm not misidentifing a calyx

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  2. I'm going with hermie sorry. Why did she turn and how old?
  3. Are they just on a branch or the main stem. I have read somewhere that if its just a branch then you can cut that branch off and you might be able to stop the plant from going full hermie.
  4. I dunno the other plant that's in there hasn't hermed. I cut off the affected areas and all the naners I could find . There 4 wks into flower
  5. From my understanding if the nanners are on the mainstem at all it is too late for the plant it has gone full hermie. Just surgically removing the nanners won't do anything. But if it is on a branch then the whole branch can be removed.
  6. Eh I can still remove them before they have a chance to mature and release pollen in which case I should hopefully be good. Thanks for the help yall I appreciate it.
  7. If you can spend the time on the plant as long as theyre not opened you can remove them carefully. It wont be much of an issue if you can keep a good eye on it

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  8. I found out why just certain portions hermed my veg area is in the same room as my flower tent and light leaked though my intake I have since removed all traces of hermed buds and have received light righted my veg area and my flower tent.
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  9. Nice job bud :) not being a dick I just mean good job finding the issue. That can happen to any one but good thing you found it. Makes you a better grower.

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