Is she gonna make it?

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  1. I had my sprout going strong for about 7 days idk what happened if it got too close to the lamp or what but she is dropping and looks pretty bad what can i do to save its life ? Now and yesterday pics fml. 20170823_170806.jpg 20170821_203455.jpg
  2. I moved it from under the light gonna put it somewhere dark for a few hours? I hope this well help i have no idea what im doing this is my first grow of anything and im pretty bummed out right now this has happened. Please help
  3. You say that broke ground 7 days ago ? If so that's pretty small for a week old seedling . What soil are you using, it looks pretty thick and moist. Should have added perlite seems to be holding on to alot of moisture . You want pretty loose soil that drains well.
  4. It coco and perlite 5050 it only broke ground about 2 days ago 7 from seeds popping the reason it looks wet is because i poured some water around it as soon as i seen the condition i was in panic mode
  5. What kind of lights are you using and how far from the plant are they ? What's the temperature like in the grow area ? Does the pot have good drainage ?
  6. Temp was between 75 and 81 today aaccoding to the digital temp gauge. I have a 40watt cfl bulb the cup hass holes in the bottom of it and seems to drain well. The light was about 3-4" away from it. On a 24hr regiment. 20170823_173549.jpg
  7. The stem looks kinda rubbery and is not holding up straight the two center leaves appear to have turned kinda white and folded in on them selfs
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  8. Hard to say what it is from then . It doesn't look good for this sprout .
  9. Any suggestions as what to do to maybe save her?
  10. I did mix up some yesterday was the first time i gave her some only about .625ml per liter of this.
  11. No nutes what so ever. What kind of light? Cfl keep 4 inches away led keep 20 inches away. Less water. Before you kill it. Leave it to do its thing.

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  12. About how much water should i give per day or every other day? I know i dont want to drown her i have read alot of threads on this forum which is why i felt like i could do this but Nothings teaches better than first hand experience.
  13. Don't water everyday, i just sprayed mist very close tho soil for the first few days so as to not over water. Maybe the plants took like 15-20 ml daily.

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
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  14. I do a shot glass of water about an inch away from my seedling every other day but mist daily. The water will spread in the soil and the seedling will make roots searching for water

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  15. Thanks guys i just put two seeds into germinate.
    im pretty sure she is a goner the other seed i planted never sprouted so this is sad but new life and hope is on the horizon.

    How do you guys germinate ive had success with the paper towel and plate method. Just curious how long of a tap root will you allow out the seed before planting? i placed the last 2 as soon as they cracked open in a mix of coco/perlite.

    This time i would like to use a 30/30/40 coco perlite foxfarm ocean. Please let me know if i should do anything else to help these girls grow large and mighty.
  16. Lol I've made the same mistake. The girl survived butt is gonna stay small, your plant may survive too IMHO

    Check out my first grow log:

    First ever grow: How do the girls look?
  17. I hope she does survive just sucks that this has happened. In the micks kiss grow he says to give nutes asap how do you know which to follow the nutes i gave where per the bottles instructions for seedlings.
  18. Here is an update moved the light up a little bit from before to hopefully help nurse her back to life. The temps seem okay from what i saw on other threads.the other seedling hopfully grow i emptied out the cup and it was still growing its taproot maybe she was too deep? So i moved some soil off the top to see if that helps any. Better than nothing at this point... The 2 new seeds have not cracked yet so im still waiting for those to show signs of life.

    Im not the grim reaper one of these will have to grow lol.

    20170824_173420.jpg 20170824_173425.jpg 20170824_173433.jpg
  19. whered ya get this stuff from bro. looked for ages.

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