Is she gonna live doctor?

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  1. Out of curosity, my plant has been looking a little sad lately. And I'm first time grower. I feel like i've watered till I saw a little drainage come out. I've gave the plant more distance from the light. I ordered me a PH/Moisture/Temp/Humidity gauges, so hopefully that will give me some insight as well. But as the title states, is she gonna live? 20190528_204813.jpg 20190528_204825.jpg 20190528_204846.jpg 20190528_204856.jpg 20190528_204917.jpg 20190528_205007.jpg

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  2. Its a long way from dead, but I think maybe a reset might be the most productive option. I don't think she's ever going to make much flower. I'd start again, shouldn't take lnng for a fresh face to exceed that lady.
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  3. Buying the monitoring equimpent is a very smart move. They are a key component of a productive garden.
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  4. Well, how much do you think the yield could be? Honestly since it's my first grow, it'd be worth it just to have some come from it haha. I am getting all the humidity/PH/Temp/moisture meter tommorrow. Is there anyway to get bigger yields from her?

    Thanks! :D
  5. Absolutely! I'm extremely excited. Now I'll actually know what's going on most likely lol
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  6. Really, its the same as any plant. Theres no seat yield limit, It's all about veg time, light, environment etc. Shit you could pull 4 lb of that plant with patience and the right equipment :)

    The growing tip in your pics looks good but the purple light makes it really hard to tell anything from the second pic.

    Potential yield, providing that growth parameters are acceptable, is limited mostly by the amount of light you have. If you can get 1g/w of light then you are doing well. If you get 0.5g/w or less, then there is room for improvement.

    Enjoy those testers, they should be your new best friends. Used correctly they will alert you of problems before they turn into something that starts taxing your yield and quality.
  7. Haha damn! I had no idea that yields could even be that high haha. Okay, I'll definitely continue doing more research and such! I'm really excited to start on my next grow already , which will probably be a autoflower.

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  8. Good luck and enjoy. The best advice that I can offer you is to keep it simple. Use basic nutrients, don't waste money on boosters. Use those meters, they are worth much more than hundreds of $ worth of PK, calmag, zyme and carb boosters Give them quality light (I really like HPS) and dont mess with them constantly.

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