Is she flowering?

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  1. Ok, so I put three in soil on the 1st of July, about 4 weeks later, they started showing sex and I trashed two. Hasn't grown much in the last week but flowers are growingI thought that they were preflowers and would continue vegging but the one left has been flowering ever since. I thought i knew what strand it was but it must of gotten mixed up w/ another one.

    So is this the auto flower variety? Do they start flowering around 4 weeks? It's not much of a plant and at the moment only has 12 bud spots

    Anyways the first pic was taken a week ago and is the top of the plant (you can notice a few white hairs), the other pic was just taken and is the top of the plant now (a week after that first pic).

    She's flowering right, if they were preflowers I wouldn't have what I have on top right now would I? For the last 4 days I've put a trash can over it at 6pm and taken it off when it's dark a couple hours later. Thanks for any help

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  2. Looks like flowering is starting to me. I did the same thing with my plants that were outside ya know covering them to force flower yea
  3. yes there flowering but check at the nodes to see if it's a female also noticing a little yellowing on the tips and the other leaves seem to be missing some thing like mag/cal def.

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