Is she done?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sgtchickens, May 4, 2016.

  1. I try to use those shitty little microscopes but I can't see dick. The trichomes look mostly cloudy, with some a little amber, I think. [​IMG]

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  2. I would say give it another week, still see some white pistols and lots of green.
  3. If you can, buy a better microscope or order a 15× macro lens for your phone.

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  4. And its leaning because of the buds. They are making the plant top heavy.
  5. Is that normal? I see other people's plants and they are erect, even with buds. I'm only use cfl but the nugs feel pretty dense.

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  6. Ive seen it a lot. Dense buds will do that. Watch for over watering though. And make sure you dont have any deficiencies or nute lockout. If its healthy otherwise, don't worry

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  7. Dunno if anyone else wants to point it out, but the Red stems coming from the plant to the fan leaves that is a Magnesium Defic and it will lead to softer and more brittle stems and the redness. I grew with CFL's for an entire year. Great bud but i always had MG problems cause of the soil i was using.
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  8. I had the same problem with my one plant, red stems I was using MG also I had Nitrogen toxicity flushed, then a month later she got an iron and phosphors deficiency. Added FF trio which helped a lot. My older plant is in MG with no perlite and hasn't given me one problem since she came out of the ground! 2 Aurora Indica been in flower since the 4/17. Btw: red stems could be genetic or the strain. I erase all pictures on my phone. But you could look on my page.
    Good Luck

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  9. Ou
    out of all the plants ive grown, 75% of them have been MG problems due to PH issues in my soil. Some ive noticed naturally had red stems but the way to check if its a MG problem is to break one of the stems. If its kinda hollow and not meaty on the inside its a MG problem. If its just a normal fan leaf then dont worry.
  10. 2 23w 6400k, 20w and 105w 2700k
  11. Okay cool. My first grow turned male and i had only one plant. Trying for my second in a few days. Can i 12/12 from seed with 6 plants and get a decent yeild?

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