Is she bouncing back? 5 days after flush today

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SativaBleu, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. She seems like she is growing flat leaves now
    The curling seems gone

    What u guys think?

    1A371932-148F-429C-B89E-B09FE7D52BCD.jpeg 58FFE7E6-2F5C-41B2-82F2-A352B6943E53.jpeg EFC2D2C2-CA1C-45AD-A666-EBF8095667C0.jpeg 296D1A30-925F-4CF3-B622-F4AD0B500E82.jpeg 62636F87-7E2D-4BB8-935B-80B32DAFB61C.jpeg F42D2686-50E0-431D-A36D-738B5E4D4C71.jpeg
  2. well it don't look so bad ,,,,so luck with the rest of the grow ,,,mac,,
  3. Top photo looks good. Id say its working
  4. looks like the claw syndrom lol
    too much N if not mistaken
    looking good now. drop the base nutes.

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  5. please clarify. complete newb here
  6. Howlong more do I have to wait to harvest?
    Also is it a messy process?
  7. Looks like youre maybe 4-5 weeks in? Dont know the strain but they take anywhere between 8-12 weeks for most bred genetics.. others are bred to flower faster ( if you want fast look up automatic seeds after you get your feeding dialed in because they can be sensitive) and then there are some sativas that can take up to 16 weeks....
  8. Looks like youre definately at least 4 weeks out. And yes trimming can be messy. Depending on how you plan to trim, wet or dry.. will decide just how messy it is.
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  9. its in flowering stage since may 12.
    so about 5 weeks
  10. As a friendly tip, these forums are definately here for questions and help but theres tons of guides on everything related to growing cannabis. You might get better and more clear answers for all the most general questions like when to harvest , how to dry, how to trim, cure and all that. Either way if you want to get good and dialed in you need to do your own research anyways, right?

    There are other websites but i liked, good site for beginners.. they have a what to expect during flower guide, trim, cure guide ( there are many ways to cure and that is one thing youre gonna want to really research to make sure you dont ruin your weed)

    Sorry if im not allowed to name other websites here
  11. the claw is too much Nitrogen which is found in ur AB base nutes. stop using it. stick with flowering nuttes. if u could post which nutes ur using i could tell better

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