Is she actually a hermie? Or are those seeds

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  1. Title says it all....what is happening with my girls? ;(

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  2. Those are balls, if its herming that young its probably not worth growing or you'll end up smoking more nanners than bud.
  3. Its 2 weeks into flower man i should chop it?
  4. Also i pulled one off and popped it the inside was like a white goo
  5. Those are seed pods for sure. If you started with a bona fide female plant for sure, then it would be a hermie would it not? If you thought you had females but ended up with seeds, these are just males. But definitely got seed pods going there. Better get them out if you don't want them negatively affecting the others...assuming there are others. You say "girls" as in pleural above and it looks like I see other plants in the background in the assuming you have more than one. It happens to the best of us. If you stressed the female plant too much, it'll grow you some seeds. If you had a boo boo in your lighting schedule, that could've caused it. Or, like I said, just a plain old male. Sorry. TWW
  6. Thanks there were others but looks like they are coming to the same fate. Thanks, well back to square 1!
  7. Yes shim is.

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