Is she a manlady? S.O.S.

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  1. sorry for the quality I dont have a camera so I had to use my macbook
    Some general shots... [​IMG]

    This is a pic of what I think is a "nutsack". I cut it down the middle, you can just make out its original shape. (The blue circle is the lens of the magnifier and its being help by my fingers)
    face on
    Different sack, this one was pulled apart...
    If you can make this out here are what I think is a pair of bananas
    The blurred image makes it look really like a male part, personally I would say that up close it cannot truly be compared to what is displayed as pollen sacks online.

    Enough talk about nutsacks heres some background

    My first grow (at least shes not alone)
    Afghani goo strain
    Grown from a female clone
    3 months old
    In 3rd week of flowering
    Has endured a fall as a cloneling, a severe drought as an adolescent, and a 6 day 10l/14d light cycle (changed yesterday back to 12)

    If she is a hermy I am guessing its probably stress-induced and not genetic because she was purchased as a clone from a dispensary.

    3 questions: Is there any way in hell to switch a stress-induced hermie back to female?

    Do female flowers sometimes form without announcing their presence beforehand with pistils?

    If you know, what does the inside of a pollen sack looks like?

    I love this plant but I dont have my hopes up give it to me straight guys:metal:
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    Man this has been here a while with no replies....
    Ill take a shot....


    That looks weird so in my best opinion I would agree.

    But my opinion isnt worth much lol:hello:

    Edit: Man i feel retarded...

    question 1. No
    2. not sure
    3. Pollen-y?
  3. thanks man I appreciate any help. C'mon guys anyone else?
  4. seriously GC no love?
  5. That doesn't look like a ball sack to me at all.I'm guessing u just finished a bong load then decided to looked at your plant and over reacted .:wave:
  6. hope i am just freakin out, i did smoke a couple j's b4hand but its tough to tell for me cuz this is my first grow. what coud they b if not male flowers cuz they are all over...
  7. looks like a pop corn nugget to me.i pretty so it isn't going to be a male.I got a clone from a dispensary too and it has spider mite and was snapped in half and it's still alive and kicking and hasn't turned male.I thought i was seeing male parts too,but then i let it grow and stopped worrying and the spot i thought were male parts ended up being more random bud spots.

  8. I do believe I may have freaked out but I still am not convinced of its gender and I dont want to be too hasty and end up with seeds on all my plants because right now its isolated.

    Did those random bud spots you were talkin about start out as banana or ball -type things without pistils?
  9. yeah,but then pistils started shooting out of them.And on the off change that a dispensary sold u a Hermie clone,then there really nothing u can do to stop it.:bongin:
  10. Thanks for your help weed + rep. I usually dont ask stupid questions but in this case I am forced to. I know there are multiple threads online on sexing but honestly none of those helped me very much. Additionally, it is a very difficult decision for a first time sexer to feel confident about, especially with the consequences of a misread: seedy bud or a wasted plant:(

    OK anyways I believe I was just being paranoid at first because I have noticed pistils emerging from the tips of the "pods":D:D:D is this a sure sign that they are merely "popcorn" buds? Male organs do not have pistils, right?
  11. Relax, looks like swollen calxy's - 100% normal.. Sit back, smoke up, and just admire your plant and stop trying to hold it's hand! She's a big girl now! She can face the world without her protector! hahaha :D Keep on keepin' on :)
  12. lol thanks man wow I am so happy now time to smoke a celebratory blunt:hippie:

  13. Awesome :smoke:
  14. Shoot man. That plant looks awesome. I like what you did with the trim job. I think I can tell you now that yes, that looks nothing like my plant. If anyone wants to see a true 'manlady' come here!

    ... no, not porn. ha.

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