is sensi seeds good?

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  1. I've decided on my first strain Northern Lights and I hear that sensi has the real nl so is it a good seed bank?
  2. its good but expensive in my opinion
  3. ^^pretty much sums it up^^^
  4. If I were you, meaning a first time grower and a fan of NL I would go royal queen Northern lights automatic.
    It gives good fast yield and its auto -> autos are easy to grow and reccomended for first time growers.
  5. peak seeds and HGS sell reputable northern lights at a fraction of the cost.

    HGS is supposedly nl5 (not sure, anyone??)

    Peak seeds is nl2xnl5

    MNS has nl1xnl5 (orgeta)
    NL5xafganskunk which also looks promising, but isn't pure northern lights...

    Bohdi has a nl5xnl5 that is supposed to be rereleased in may.

    Nirvana also has NL

    All of those options give you a little more bang for your buck for northern lights. The only downside I can see to the sensi is the price.

    The MNS you will have to do selection, and they recommend flowering clones not seeds, the seeds tend to herm a little I guess. That stock comes from original neville stock, (sensi is pulling from this same gene pool by the way) so you know there is a gem in there somewhere.
  6. Femaleseeds do a great version of NL if its still around, also White Label do a nice femmed NL too :smoke:
  7. I like Sensei but you would probably throwing away a chunk of change if you are as new a grower as I think you might be. I'd buy a bunch of Mandala seeds. They are all awesome, they grow rapidly, the high that is listed for each strain is consistent, and they have a good selection. Nirvana too for many the same reasons. Regs only tho. Nirvana has a NL that grows wicked furry, I have grown about 40 of nirvana's NL's over the years, decent product.
  8. Mandala are awesome, not grown any for too long but the Satori and 8 miles high are amazing.
    I heard they were doing femms now :eek: Don't know anybody who has tried them though.
  9. Mandala is pretty good prices but weird strains. Which is cool though because years from now when I become an experienced grower if it's still around I can grow my own unique bud I know no one else will have those strains. The only kind of people I could see saying oh yeah I know about the khalichacra if I mentioned I had that is like a gypsy or something like that. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try the last link I listed they have suberb prices and a person on here did a full review with pictures and looks good to go. That furry NL sounds dank would you reccomend it over sensi seeds NL i heard that was the real NL. Sensi is the shit but way too expensive I'd only get certain must haves like NL or early skunk or super skunk . Who has the best widow? Trainwreck? Strawberry cough? Ak -47? Afghan goo or afghani #1? Purple kush? Purple d? Romulan?
  10. For a superb price for NL, go with nirvana. 25$ USD for a 10pack.
    This is what yah get. Sorry I can't make it smaller, but Im trying to sell you on some good cheap genetics...[​IMG]

    Romulan is a clone only strain. But there are Romulan seeds out there that are regarded as pretty close to the clone only cut, offered by next generation seeds. With white widow go for the original breeders Mr Nice Guy seed co. They list it as BlackWidow (so many knockoffs, they changed the name). You get 15-20 beans per pack, at about 100$ average for their strains, which is a pretty good deal on today's market.

    Can't speak to the rest.
  11. So you grew that? If so superb job it looks like real nl
  12. Thanks, I also really liked their ww X nl, snowwhite.
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    not the reason why Mr. Nice uses new names..

    Arjan is the reason for that .

    he went and trade marked many names after he and Shanti fell out as a final "Fuck You ". AFTER Shanti left him the breeding stock for the "white" lines,and a few others.. Arjan wanted the breeding stock for SSH and NH too ..but those are Shantis and Nevvils creations (yup that's right.. Arjan has no true haze these days). so legal bullshit ensued ....and we have new names, a new company .. and Arjan got the pet chihuahua he always wanted...


    EDIT : caliG .. I too am also waiting for Bodhi's release of an NL . supposedly he is using the old school NL genetics ( 88-89 sensi seeds)

  14. Is that one of the dudes from greenhouse seed company?
  15. Yes, that's Franco.

    I make fun of how he looks .. sadly I have a funny feeling he is a really nice dude. so I'm prolly building up tons of neg karma ..but well ..fuck it.

  16. I've decided to not give them my business, but at the same time, just not really acknowledge them (+ or -). They represent the business side of cannabis in Netherlands, something I don't particularly care about. Beans and genetics, MNS has good sets of both.:smoke:
  17. yes, they are excellent,
  18. Wouldn't buy anything from sensi anymore personally, they used to be great but since the old guy left most of their lines have gone to shit.
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    Bullshit. That one on the right is a Sensi Bubblegum, it's not 'gone to shit' and it's one of my favorite smokes. The seeds are consistent, the pheno's, effect and flower times are consistent. What went to shit exactly?


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