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  1. I am currently looking for a new seed bank. I used to go through Herbies, but they do not accept credit or debit cards any longer as payment. I will not send cash through the mail. I have been looking at and they have some really unique strains to choose from. They seem to be fairly generous with the freebies also, as long as you spend x amount of money. Please share any experiences you have had with them, good or bad. How long did your order take to arrive ? How was the stealth of the package. Did you receive everything you ordered, did you get all of the free seeds that they said you were entitled to ? Was there any mix ups ( wrong strains etc. ) Thank you for your input.
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  2. Seedsman is good with pretty decent stealth. They're fairy generous with their free seeds plus they send some extra goodies like papers and mylar seed storage bags
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  3. Seedsman is where I received my Durban Poison from. I have been running the same genetics for 2 years now from clones. Stealth option is good. I also like True North Seed Bank in Canada. I just ordered some Mystic Blue and Bubblicious autos yesterday and they shipped today. Seedsman takes a little longer to get your seeds depending on where you live.

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  4. I've been getting seeds from Seedsman for 4 year's now +.
    Most all my seeds have popped.
    But recently I did get an order that had problems with seeds not popping.
    Seedsman honored their guarantee and sent me new seeds. However they didn't send the same seeds I had lost nor did they send all the seeds that I requested as a replacement. But did send me Seedsman seeds and sent the number of what I lost.

    Another time they went above beyond Define seeds for me everybody thought they were lost.
    It was a seed that I had gotten before and wanted again and Tom found them and sent the seeds to me 10 seeds no charge. It took a minute for him to find them.
    They're good seed outfit reputable and they have thousands of strains from hundreds of breeders. I still deal them and I haven't dealt with anybody else yet.

    Good luck

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  5. Thanks for the reply. Sounds great, I feel pretty confident now, I will most likely order from them. I was wondering though, if they send the seeds in the breeders packaging or in a labeled bag ? Peace and Happy 4'th of July :thankyou:
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  6. As far as stealth, Is there any reference to seeds on the outside of package that they are shipped in ? thanks for your input.
  7. Not as far as I'm aware. Fairly sure it came in one of those bubble wrap envelopes
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  8. Free seeds are always nice. I am a little upset with Herbies at the moment. I received some free seeds with my last order, 2 afghani #1 regulars ( both of them turned out males ) and 1 Paradise Delahaze Fem, I planted it directly in soil 4 says ago, with no signs of it sprouting. It usually takes 3 days tops when I plant directly in soil. I have a bad feeling about this one. They did send me 1 free Big Head seed, it was called "Big Freeze". It grew out beautiful, with no problems. The Big Head seed was the only one of the freebies that came shipped in the breeders packaging. Makes me wonder is all. Thanks for the reply, take care.
  9. Thank you
  10. Just one more question ? Approx. how long does it take to receive you order, if you live in the U.S. ? Thanks for all the help :)
  11. I
    It can take up to a month. Typically 2-2 1/2 weeks. Their stealth option is typically a children's toy such as a small car and your seeds will be in mini zip-lock bag (labeled what strain) in bubble wrap.

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  12. OK, I placed order 5 days ago, and my account states that order had been paid, packaging shipment. How long before they ship and I get Tracking # ?
  13. Did you get an email?
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    yes. they just sent them out everything is going ok. I was being impatient. It seems everything is going well. They are on their way, and tracking is working great. Thanks :Love-Plant: ( it took approx. 2 and a half business days for them to fill the order and send it out ) I was concerned because it was taking 5 days due to them being closed over the weekend.
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  15. The Delahaze did sprout, it took 5 days to surface. It seems to have a nice foothold into the soil, very healthy seedling. Herbies is ok in my book, I did purchase some really nice Panama Red fem seeds from them that grew out great, just upset that they do not accept debit any longer. It looks like it will be Seedsman getting my business now.
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  16. I hope this place is legit,Herbies was great and losing them sucks,I m gonna be stressed till I get my beans.
  17. It does suck waiting for the tracking info to update. But aside from that, I have confidence in them and yes, Herbies was very reliable. Give Seedsman a chance. Good luck.
  18. seedsman is reliable. expect a few fees for guaranteed shipping, but the genetics are genuine and the company is reliable. seedsman is the wholesaler that supplies most of the other european seed banks, so their prices tend to be competitive or slightly lower than other seed banks.
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  19. Seedsman has poor quality genetics and substandard business ethics they practice. For instance, taking your money and not sending the seeds unless you pay $100 more is a form of extorsion! I have personally experienced this.
  20. I ordered from Seedsman on 4/1. Got email confirming order on 4/3. Got an order shipped email on 4/5. Received order in Minnesota on 4/12. All in sealed breeder packs. Germinated 3 ea. of 4 strains. 100% germination. All good by me. Peace, Phezisica
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