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Is schwag supposed to smell like chili pepper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reppin 713, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Me and a friend just bought a half off to have a smoke off tomorrow and the schwag is like brown and a little green but it smells like fucking chili pepper or a bunch of spices, don't say it's oregano I know it's not that it's nugs.
  2. Shit i dont think so.
  3. You just bought some nugged-up chilli pepper, boy.
  4. Well there's you're problem right there....its brick.
  5. Mexico's finest.

    Funny thing is my chili pepper smells like schwagg. Maybe I should make 1 giant blunt?
  6. It kinda does have that smell (Schwag at least).
  7. I thought schwag was skunky
  8. Is chili pepper supposed to smell like schwag?
  9. yeah sounds like its fresh from a mexican brick

    EDIT: this is pretty much a guess to be honest
  10. any weed whether its schwagg or dank shouldn't smell like chili pepper ive had mids that smelt wonderful plenty of times. so yea
  11. Chili p? Did you get it from Jesse Pinkman?
  12. Tu Chille pepero es schwago inside MEHIC0
  13. sortaa , the mids around here smells like cooking spice , I know what you're saying
  14. No, not by itself. I've bought weed that smelled like pickles, fruitypebbles, ect. If it does smell then the bag was probably stored in the spice
  15. obviously the mexicans touched it ..

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