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Is sativa rare or hard to come across?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bannanamannn, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. I've smoked sativa a couple times from a friend and felt uplifted & happy and like i had alot of energy but once I started buying my own weed from a different dealer, I started falling asleep after smoking it & having really groggy feelings. Overall not a good smoking experience, but the buds are really nice so I don't think its bad weed. I'm pretty sure this Is due to it being indica because the two smoking experiences feel nothing alike. How, or can I ask my dealer to get me sativa or is it impossible for dealers to know?

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  2. A lot of growers will start from a low quality seed they've saved from a badly grown crop. (Grown properly there should be 0 seeds in nugs).

    +Yields Higher
    +Can withstand harsher climate
    +Lasts longer
    +Higher THC content.

    With the pros (+) of Indica from a sellers point of view the worldwidemarket had been flushef with Indica for years and years.

    Smalltime growers pull a seed out from this "bank" and you'll most likely get a hybrid 70%+ Indica of low/mid qual.

    Royal Queen Seeds
    Sensi Seeds

    Trusted stores like this is one of very few options in getting a 100% Sativaaaah

  3. basically its who the dealer knows and what they are growing ...its mostly indica or indicaxsativas usually on the streets ,,because they are quicker to grow and fast to flower and harvest ,,,,sativas when youi do come across them will cost you probably dearer ,,,,but ask your dealer who knows he might know some one ,,,,mac
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  4. Sativa is COMMON
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  5. Indica is typically higher in CBD and lower in THC compared to sativa.
    Sativas almost always take longer to flower than indica
    "Yields higher" also isn't really accurate.. actually.. I'd say sativa typically yields more.
    And I'm not sure what you mean by "lasts longer"
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  6. Sativa isn't really popular, most shops here have a huge selection of indica vs sativa. Most people like the effects of indica or are only familiar with the "smoke any weed, it all does the same, gets you high" so they don't look for variety. Dealers tend to carry one strain mostly indica from what I've seen. They usually never get new stuff unless the person they get it from has anything new. I try to keep a good selection for patients and always have them give feedback on what's they like to see in the future. I'd simply ask him to try and get new stuff.
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  7. Depends on how well connected and knowledgeable your dealer is. If you're somewhere less urban, and it's illegal, chances are the dealers have little access to variety. They are literally just selling "pot" and it is whatever they got.

    If you are somewhere that has dispensaries, or fortunate enough to have a knowledgeable and well connected dealer, then you generally will have a variety of choices. Indicas and Sativas, and several strains of each generally.

    Good on you for recognizing the difference and that the (maybe) Indica is making you sleepy. I've known about half a dozen guys who wrecked their school or work lives, by hitting Indicas heavy before going in. They were borderline useless at their function.
    If Indica is all you have access to, then all the smoking should take place in the latter half of the day.
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  8. Yields Higher is a fact when you compare it; Sativa/Indica with heavy hitters such as gorilla strains, aswell as skunks such as the Shiva - there really isn't much comparing it to Sativa dominant strains in terms of yield.

    CBD/THC % is a debate for someone with a little more factual info then I have; speaking purely general. But throughout time Indica has had a more stable heavy hitter team in cups etc.

    We agree on the seed-harvest part.

    Lastly, "lasts longer" is a purely personal experience of smoking more grams of Sativa than Indica and therefor burning Sativa Quicker.

    Sativa I can smoke all day. Indica only when I'm off for a day or two.

    Peace & Love
  9. Lots of all 3 for the most part around here.
  10. Where's that at?

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  11. Facts are facts regardless of whether or not you agree with them ;)
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  12. Shops in De Beque and Parachute CO. Palisade 2-3 rec shops by end of year, I believe.
  13. Usually smoke some sativa during the day, sometimes a hybrid late afternoon/early evening, an indica later on in the evening.:smiley-rolling-joint::weed-4::smoking-bong:
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  14. Nah it all drpends on what your plug has in,Try get a hybrid 50% sativa 50% indica thats what I'm smoking on atm best of both worlds
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    Idk how the people you know can't function when they've smoked, I passed a 9 week college course high af and have worked high af:smoke:
  16. How do you disagree that sativa is common?
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  17. I'm not sure I'd call it rare (in general), but definately more common with Indica dominant hybrids rather than Sativa.

    Growing pure Sativa is a fine art to master. Now pure Sativa, that is 100% Sativa is; UNCOMMON. Growers will usually smoke/share/lend this rather than sell in my experience. The common market is a shady place for this delicate flower.
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  18. Do you think recreational dispensaries sell 100% sativas?

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  19. Every time I have bought weed it has always been sativa

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  20. Yes, Durban Poison is suppose to be 100% or very close.
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