Is salt water an organic worm remover?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by greenlee, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. We have grew lots of broccoli in our garden.Yery nice veggies.We've always done a salt-water bath for the cut heads to remove catipillars/worms.Fill the sink with salt-water and soak the heads and wait maybe 10 minutes and the worms get off.We can then process and freeze our produce.I was thinking...why couldn't I spray my girls with salt-water wait and then rinse with the hose and get rid of some worms without leaving any un-wanted chemicals?Anybody ever try this or know if its safe for smoke?I'm wanting to try it way before harvest to be really sure.Other than that I prefer to just pick the worms off.Thanks and +reps to all.
  2. That would work. Look closely anyhow, cuz you might be smoking the dead ones that didn't manage to crawl out. I think that i have smoked more spider mites in my life tham some folks have smoke pot though, so a smoked worm probably isn't going to cause much harm :wave:
  3. We used to eat the worm from a bottle of mescal - actually fight over it LOL! It was supposed to be hallucinogenic but in reality I think we were just really, really drunk as one needs to drain the mescal before you can even get to the worm! Whew! Glad that faze of life is over LOL!

    If you spray your plants with water you'll have to dry them out really really good! I say smoke the worm! Ya never know. It could be hallucinogenic.

    IDK, on the surface it doesn't sound like a good idea but hey, you won't know until you go so give it a shot!
  4. You really don't want to do that.

    If you have ever tasted weed that has gotten wet from salt water, you wouldn't even be asking the question.

    Working on a beach crew in SoFla, we found 'seaweed' on more than a few occasions and most of it got thrown away, it was so un smokeable.

  5. shit? Me too man...East Coast FL all of my so-called formulative years. Back when Vero Beach was Zero Beach, when there weren't any condos in Ponce Inlet, and when one could still pick up sharks teeth by the buckets full down at Venice on the SW coast! Sanibel Island? LOL! Whew! Big time rockin' da house down there! We used to find the floaters occasionally and you are right....stink weed 'seaweed' was that! Great point!

    Too funny man! who knows, we may have shared a beer on the beach once or maybe even twice! No wonder you be a WetDog LOL!

  6. One would wonder if salt water from a purer form, like a salt shaker, would be less problematic to the weed than the yucky briney fishy smelly seashore tho. Think i'd give the regular salt a try, if it was not a long soak, rinse well and dry under some heat to speed up the drying time some. Just me anyway. I'll try anything once :D

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