Is Ron Paul anti-semitic?

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  1. Can you toss some numbers about how often it's enforced? I know they support many Iraqi Christian refugees, so its hard to imagine they hate jews that much

    And you dont need to wear hijabs or be segregated in public if you dont want to.

    edit: to your edit, i agree i think it should be given to the palestinians. as well as the rest of the '48 borders. but ill take 67 on israels side.

  2. Uh, you kind of proved my point.

    What happens when we go back and overthrow countries and install our puppets? We get fucked later. So, this most logical thing to do, in your mind, is to further meddle and prop up countries? That seems like a swell plan. Hey, maybe this time it'll work out for us...
  3. Well imagine it friend, cause it's the law there. And it's never been enforced, cause whaddya know, there are no Jews in jordan (i wonder why, with such property rules!) They were ethnically cleansed out in 1929 and 1948 while the West Bank, their home 3,000 years, was still Jordan and not "the West Bank".

    pre-1967 borders with mutually agreed landswaps is the way to go :bongin:

  4. That is bullshit on jordans part. theyre being like israel with the ethnic cleansing buisiness and the land laws, although the jews just steal palestinian land rather than make it illigal to own land. but holy crap i just saw a map of the full british mandate for the first time and its Huge! how did that work out to be jordan?

    mutually agreed landswaps indeed. do most palestinians in jordan live in the original mandated area? cuz if that is so they could turn that into palestine too.
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    Im talking about an ally getting nuked, that was just an example.

    edit-I fail to see how you can compare meddling and overthrowing regimes, and not letting Israel get nuked as the same thing/

  6. Israel is more a $ waste than an ally in my eyes.
  7. the relations with Uruguay and Pakistan are not the same as those of Israel and Usa or britain or even Canada
    allies im talking about allied countries.

  8. Well. I'd start off with propping up the Israeli's and being their bodyguard against all of their threats, sending billions upon billions of dollars to both Israel and its enemies, interfering with countries nuclear development plans, and surrounding countries with our military bases.

    I fail to see how any of those things directly involve us. Sure, we've invested a lot in Israel. But it's costing us billions of dollars and creating enemies. Israel needs to learn to stand on its own.
  9. No, Israel doesn't need to learn that, it already knew how to do that from its inception, under an EMBARGO by the US, until 1973, when Kissinger only confirmed an arms airlift because the Soviets had done it to Egypt first. and today-seeing as how the US's military aid to Israel is about 1/4 of Israel's spending on defense.

    Like I said though, the US should stop wasting so much money with budgeting it for defense in the first place. This isn't really about Israel at this point, it's about US budget priorities.

  10. Haha, I definitely agree there. This whole Israel thing is just a small fraction that the giant waste of money our militaristic policies are.
  11. There was limited ethnic cleansing in the 1948 yes, but there are no land laws saying Arabs can't own land, that is absurd and completely counter-factual, as 20% of Israel's population are Arabs and are fully enfranchised. The settlements in the West Bank that are being fenced from Palestine are because that will eventually become an international border, not out of some hatred of brown people. Obviously the settlements not agreed to in the land swaps should be dismantled at once.

    I see where you're going with that, but, see above.

    Well the British armed and trained their army, at the same time propping up a Saudi king to rule absolute over the Palestinian majority population.

    Jordan has modernized and King Abdullah has been on the Daily Show... but at the end of the day he remains a dictator and the maintainer of an apartheid regime. The shouldn't be Palestinian refugee camps for 60 years in a country made up of mostly Palestinians.... But it is the Saudi minority keeping it that way.

    All of Jordan was in the mandate - Syria to the north was a French mandate, for example, and no longer Palestine mandate. So yeah, that country would simply be Palestine by definition, along with the West Bank, and Gaza, if they ever get their shit together enough to reconcile with each other.
  12. /thread

  13. I wasn't saying it was illigal for arabs to own land, i pointed out that they steal it instead sometimes. And i was referrng to the illigal settlements. ANd thanks for the info about the Jordan situation too :)
  14. id highly recommend you dont move to israel, just from my political analysis i dont think its safe there. The whole anti-semetic thing is ridiculous though, anytime you dont agree with the israeli government your labaled anti semitic.

    Theres so many labels the media puts on people. When I criticized bush I was labeled a liberal extremist or supported terrorism. Now that im criticizing obama im labeled a right wing extremist. But when i dont buy into the war propaganda or think the banks are up to no good or simply ask questions im labeled a conspiracy theorist.

    the labels are used to scare people away from listening to people with differing opinions. Or as a way to just MEH something off, "oh hes an ___________ dont listen to him"
  15. He would probably urge all Americans to volunteer and donate to the suffering Israeli citizens in their time of need, condemn Iranian aggression and vocally support Israeli retaliation.

    I'm sure Israel can take care of themselves.

    But as Iran's supreme leader has said, "the Islamic Republic has never threatened and will never threaten any country". So what makes us so fearful?
  16. I heard he planned to invade Mars?:confused:
  17. Anti Semitic ≠ Equal treatment concerning all foreign nations. Non-intervention provides incentive to all nations to handle their own problems.
  18. If Iran nuked Israel RP would have 2 choices:

    1) Go to the Presidential bunker, break out the codes, press the red button and hope he has enough provisions to last through a nuclear apocalypse.
    2) Go to the Presidential bunker, don't break out the codes, don't press the red button, pray that no one launches one at us, and hope that he has enough provisions to last though a nuclear apocalypse.

    As a previous poster mentioned...its called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. Iran launches first, Israel responds, Pakistan responds to Israel, India responds to Pakistan, China responds to India, on & on until there isn't a habitable speck left on this planet. Doesn't really matter what RP or any other President would do. Which is why I disagree with Paul that we should sit by & let Iran get nuclear arms.

    Humanity posesses the weapons to completely destroy itself. Its sad & unfortuate, but only a matter of time before someone developed it. I don't think humanity can afford to sit back & let anyone have this weapon that wants it.
  19. there is no evidence of high quality uranium creating a nuclear weapon (the radiation doesnt match the high levels of a nuclear development facility) and the president is clearly stating it is just for energy needs.

    The media is overhyping it so that we ALL believe theyre making nuclear weapons reinforcing Americans to WANT to keep pissing Iran off.

  20. i think you fail to grasp that what happens to isreal is not, nor should it have ever been the united states business. they are big boys and girls. they can handle their own defense, their own trade and their own international politics.

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