Is Ron Paul anti-semitic?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hashbrowns742, Aug 13, 2011.

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  2. If daring to stand up to the Israeli lobby and trying to protect the American taxpayer from wasting valuable $$$ on a foreign country that brings nothing but problems and hate towards America makes you an anti-semite then yes Dr. Paul is guilty.

    I would describe Dr. Paul as an anti-NeoCon...;)
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    Eh... What's your evidence he doesn't care about consequence? You think he's fine with getting blown up as long as Israel does too? What's your solution then? Thank the lord people like me who like peace don't run the country. It wouldn't fit in at all well with the Military Industrial Complex this country seems to love so much. Why be friends and trade with countries when we can take sides and pick fights?

    It's our god-given right to be able to determine what other nations can and can't do. We're AMURICA!:rolleyes:

    Edit: I know you probably didn't read the other link, but here's another one clarifying Dr. Paul's Iran policy. It explains it much better than I could:
  4. that's a horrible post.

  5. I'm not quite sure I understand.

    You were posting in your other thread that you thought it was crazy to have air conditioning for our troops when it costs more than NASA's budget, but you don't care about going to war with Iran because of the same type of propaganda that brought us into Iraq and Afghanistan? Those troops going into Iran are gonna need air conditioning too lol.

  6. rotties is trollin hard
  7. rp doesnt seem anti-semititc. people say he's racist (against blacks) too but he seems like hes conservative in his own life to the point he just dont give a fuck what other people do or what color they are.

    and iran isn't as horrible as the us makes it seem
  8. lol im gonna refer to Thomas Jefferson as TJ from now on :D
  9. He is not anti Semitic, that is just people out there trying to smear his name
    Here is a solid Ron Paul quote on racism:

    Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals . . . By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racists . . . we should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty
  10. Great quote thanks I'm saving that one.
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    not one of you gave me answer to the question
    since obviously according you Ive got it wrong, usually
    what normal people do is they try to correct wrong people

    I want a straight answer of Ron paul
    What would RP do if Iran got a nuke and nuked Israel?

    Read that question 500 times cause most of all are incapable of answering it.
  12. nothing, why would he do something? Its not "Israel, USA" is it?
  13. They are the only democracy in the region. All the other countries in the region are stuck in the 12th century.

  14. Uhh. Probably the same thing if Uruguay got a nuke and nuked Paraguay? Read this sentence 500 times because you seem incapable of understanding it:

    It is none of our fucking business.

    The president is not the Sheriff of the Earth. He isn't a guidance counselor if countries can't get along. Those are those countries problems. Maybe when the United States isn't 14 trillion dollars in debt and drowning in a financial shit storm we can help out other countries. Until then, let's work on helping ourselves.
  15. oh but it is your fucking business.
    just like it was your fucking business overthrowing democratically elected regimes and install puppets for you.
    in case you have not read the history of the united states of amerikah,
    a lot of shit is your fucking business.

  16. They also run the world's largest prison.

  17. And so we've got a responsibility to screw with the countries we screwed with in the past in a never ending cycle of screwing with other nations because that's been our policy since WW2? Huh?:confused:
  18. Ron paul is obviously not an anti-semite.

    That is reserved for people who don't recognize Jewish sovereignty has a right to exist, even in peace among Arabs. How many people who disagree have been, for example, to Haifa? Or Yafo... or Abu Gosh? Just saying.

    As opposed to denying a people's right to exist like a fanatic bigot, ron paul is indeed evoking non-interventionist doctrine, rather than irrationally harboring resentment for Hebrew people that have the audacity to self-rule on lands they not only purchased from Arabs, but overpaid for.

  19. jordan has an elected parliment, i believe, and not strict religious laws. and turkey is a democracy
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    Jordan has an elected parliament, that you forgot to mention, has no power whatsoever. The King of Jordan has absolute power, not to mention a secret police with which to wield it. Isn't it interesting that in Jordan's 60-something years as a state there's only been a king and his son? Doesn't sound like a democracy...

    And as for Jordan's religious laws, it is a CAPITAL OFFENSE to sell land to a Jew. So much for the lack of strictness, they'll just murder you if you sell any land to a Jew (not Israeli, JEW)........

    And as an aside, if Jordan ever turned democratic it would turn back into Palestine, what it was until the British carved it out of the Palestine Mandate and named it Jordan.

    It is over 2/3 Palestinian, not Jordanian, yet they are kept disenfranchised by the Hashemite Saudi minority trucked up by the British to rule over the oil.

    It is the real apartheid state, but of course, you won't find a SOUL who gives a shit, or bothers to find out such a truth.

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