Is Ron Paul anti-semitic?

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  1. I've seen a few articles online saying that Ron Paul is anti semitic and anti Israel, I'm not too sure if it's true and support his stance on the War on Drugs (as I'm sure most of you do, too), but it just feels unsettling me, a Jew moving to Israel in a couple of years supporting someone anti-semitic.
    Would you view him as anti-semetic?
  2. I guess not bending over backwards for Israel makes one Anti-Semitic these days...:p
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    No. Are these articles you mentioned from a reputable source?

    I mean, I could write an article saying Rick Santorum regularly smokes meth with gay prostitutes but that doesn't mean that he actually does. He probably does, though, but we don't currently have any proof of that.
  4. Ron Paul wants to be friends with Israel, trade with Israel, and more importantly, leave Israel alone ;)

    If anti-semetic now means leaving Israel alone to fully fund their military and decide their own foreign policy, then he is.

    Some might just refer to that as common sense though.

    Here he explains his justifiable position on the Iran/Israel situation:

    [ame=]Ron Paul: Cut Foreign Aid, Unshackle Israel, Leave Iran Alone - YouTube[/ame]
  5. he dodged a question about what would you do if Iran possessed a nuke and nuked Israel?
    which is a legitimate question.
    his answer was they wont nuke caz Israel has wtf kinda response is that
    if I was there I would spoke up.
    Mahmoud does not give two shits whether or not Israel has nukes, he wont hesitate to launch and he wont hesitate to give the launch codes to many of Israel's enemies who much like mr mahmoud him self dont care about repercussions.

    So while I dont believe him to be genuinely anti-semitic, I do think he is naive on a lot of things in life, but then again thats the nature of all politicians.
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    Yeah and I heard he was also a general in hitler's army during world war II :rolleyes:

    and Obama is muslim :rolleyes:

    Ron Paul doesn't want to be the bitch of Israel, like our current situation. We would still be freindly with them though and have full relations. Just not give them billions of dollars in support for their military and what not. Remember how we're 14 trillion in debt?
  7. Its called a smear campaign and propaganda.
  8. It really doesn't matter if he is or not. He's just the opening entertainment for main act.
  9. We're 14 trillion dollars in debt due to all our social programs that we can't afford.
  10. "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations - entangling alliances with none." - Thomas Jefferson

  11. Ahh okay yeah I agree enough with that, I was probably just reading stuff from biased sources. Thanks, i know not licking Israel's ass does not equal anti-semite, but I was just making sure :) thanks

  12. TJ was a prophet!!:eek:

    He knew DC was going to turn redcoat and betray We The People
    He knew partisan political systems would destroy the nation
    He knew we should leave Israel alone to evolve as their citizens so see fit...

    he's busy right now...spinning in his grave.:(
  13. What Israel and Iran do to one another other isn't (or, rather, should be) our problem.
  14. that was not his answer.
  15. In american politics non-blind loyalty and support to Israeli state/interests = Anti-Semetic

    so by some peoples definition, Yes Ron Paul is very anti semetic

  16. hahaha what did you listen to, he gave a DAMN good answer to the question

    you lead your argument under the assumption that war propaganda = truth

  17. Actually that is the most legitimate answer. It's called MAD, aka Mutual Assured Destruction. It's the same reason we never lobbed missiles at Russia during the Cold War. Iran launches at Israel, destroys part of Israel, Israel blows the shit out Iran with their hundreds of nuclear missiles. Iran isn't as fucking crazy as people think.

    Does Iran's President Want Israel Wiped Of The Map - Does He Deny Te Holocaust?

    That's a pretty good article on how the media misinterprets their president. Does Iran not like us? Probably not. Do they dislike Israel? Of course. But lets say China surrounds our country with bases all over Mexico and Canada. Would we be pissed at China for occupying right on our borders? Obviously. And you can bet we'd be pissed at Canada for taking tons of aid money from them and allowing them to be there.

    When the most powerful military in the world surrounds you, and is clearly creating propaganda for a war against you, and you have no Navy or Air Force, don't you think you'd be looking for a little protection too?
  18. hmm your cee eye eh disagrees obviously you are way smarter and more intelligent and more powerful then them
  19. you fail to grasp the fact that Mahmoud and all his butt buddies that he eats with all hate Israel and dont care about consequence.
    he can just give it to one of his many neighbors feign ignorance and Israel gets nuked.
    thank god you dont run the country
    at least the arrogant bastards that do will at least see my point

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