Is Red Stripe any good?

Discussion in 'General' started by Chrono_Naut, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. just a question, is red stripe any good? never tried it before me and my buddy were trying to figure out what beer to get, and we wanted to try somethin new.
  2. I haven't tried it, but my buddy said it was horrible.

    All those foreign beers I grab off the shelf; I never remember what they're called, so I can't advise.

    Anything from Holland/Netherlands will be good.
  3. Get some Sierra Nevada pale ale.
  4. Red stripe isn't horrible. It's just not the best.
  5. Pssssh, i had red stripe in jamaica on my way to curacao. Unfortunately i was only in jamaica for an hour or two between flights and was in the airport... but yeah, heh. Dude, in the airport they had the bobsled from cool runnings, heh.
  6. i must say red stripe is pretty damn good. get it.
  7. Red stripe is real good. Nioce bottle and goes down crisp. One of my top 5 beers.
  8. Sam Adams Summer Ale... so fucking good
  9. has any on tryed that new miller chill is it any good
  10. new miller chill is pretty good, you can taste the lime on the first sip, but after that it taste just like miller lite.

    i thought red stripe sucked, but hte bottle was cool

  11. That's my favorite beer. Nice to see you posting man! :wave:

    I don't really like red stripe, but two of my buddies go ape shit for the stuff.
  12. Red stripe is good..

    but id go for some grochles(sp)...very stout and robust.
  13. Holy cow dude.. I JUST got back from Jamrock not 24 hours ago and I remember that place. I got a turkey club & a water from there (and right now food's sounding KILLER) and it was pretty damn good.

    Back OT: Yeah, take it from a guy who just got back from Jamaica, it's good. Of course, I got it from the resorts on tap and the brewery was literally 20 miles down the road so how old/stale could the beer be? :) Give it a try, I think you'll like it.
  14. i love red stripe,kicked back some with my dad a month back. ide recommend it.
  15. Red Stripe is good. Its not super awesome but I like it. If Im going to spend 9 ucks on a 6 pack Ill usually go with Newcastle though. If I lived in jamaica where Red Stripe was cheap I would probably drink it pretty often.

  16. i had to drink 2 or 3 before i got the taste for it but once you get used to that flavor beer its pretty good. seems like a beer that needs to be searved ice cold
  17. do this
  18. Red Stripe is a good lager. i prefer ales myself.

    BODDINGTON"S= honey
    Hougaarden=white bliss
    Winter Hook,Samuel adams black ale,oh and the grand daddy Stella Artois all rock out!!

    If u float Guinesse on top of hougaarden it taste great and looks trippy.
  19. I didnt really like red stripe, and i too had it in jamaica.

    I would go for some boulevard wheat, newcastle, labatt blue, stella artois...

    those are just some of my favorites

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